Capable of Working

“It’s not fair” Taye whined, “ why should she get to stay at home when I have to go to work”  

Albert looked over towards his wife and sighed heavily “ Because Bran doesn’t want her to work, besides now she has the baby on the way you cant very well expect her to work as well”

Taye Folded her arms defiantly “ I don’t see why not she could just do a few hours a week, besides what about when the baby’s born?”.  

“Then she’s going to be needed here to take care of the baby” Albert Answered.  

Taye grumbled loundly “ I don’t see why, you send me to work and I have Neo at home doesn’t he need me?”  

Albert tried to put a reassuring arm on his young wife but she shook him off. “ Neo’s fine” he answered “ Besides Abagael has been very good taking care of him up till now, don’t you think”.  

Taye Huffed “ Yeah she’s been great, but what happens when the baby’s born do you really think she’ll have the time to look after two young en’s, Neo will get forgotten.”  

Albert chuckled “ Im sure that wont happen love, she’ll take care of neo just as well as her own babe Im sure”.


Taye Glared “ That’s not the point… Im his mother, I should be taking care of him, he’s going to grow up thinking she’s his mother”. 

“Now Taye you’re being silly”.  

“Don’t laugh at me” Taye screamed bursting into tears she fled towards the door meeting Abageal who’d arrived just a few minutes earlier investigating the noise. “ This is all your fault” Taye screamed at the girl before she ran past continuing up the stairs.  

Albert looked uncomfortably at Abageal who was trying to work out what was going on. “ Don’t worry about her love she’ll calm down”.

Abagael smiled weakly “ I can understand the way she feels though, perhaps it would be better if I did get job when the baby’s born”


“Nonsense” Albert answered, “ Your baby is going to need its mother with it, besides this is what Bran wants”. 

“ I know” Abageal said quietly biting her lip “ But it just makes more sence if I work then Taye could stay home with the baby’s, she doesn’t earn much anyway and with my education, Im sure I could get a better job, bring more money into the house than she does”. 

“No love, Bran’s made it clear he wants you home with the baby and Im not about to go upsetting him”.  

Abagael smiled weakly Taye had taken a distinct dislike to her since she’d moved in but it had gotten steadily worse since she’d announced her pregnancy, not that she blamed Taye really Bran and Albert treated the pair so differently, it really wasn’t fair on the poor girl, who had worked so hard to prepare for Abagael’s arrival.  

One response to “Capable of Working

  1. Ewww I’m liking Albert less and less. He doesn’t treat Taye very nice I think. Just because Abagael was a noble doesn’t mean she should be treated better. And all this time Taye wanted a baby and gets one and still isn’t really being able to be a “mother”.
    Albert just doesn’t get it…

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