Quite Ready

 It was a few hours after their evening meal, Daisy was up in the loft reading, and little Rose was playing at Maria’s feet while she worked on the loom, making new blankets for Daisy’s bed.  

Jed shuffled uncomfortably in the chair; eventually he rose and headed towards where Maria worked.  Maria noticed him approach and stopped weaving, turning she smiled at Jed waiting for him to speak.  

Jed knelt beside her and lent in whispering so Daisy upstairs would not hear “ I was wondering” he said nervously “ we’ve been married a year now, do you think it would be ok if perhaps, I started to sleep beside you”.  

Maria nodded “ Yes” she replied ”That would be nice. Am also to assume, that you’d be wanting to commence, your husbandly right’s?” 

Jed had never quite heard it put quite like that, in any place other than church he fidgeted nervously “Well perhaps” he answered “ I wasn’t planning that specifically I was just going to see how it went”.  

Maria nodded “Well I’ll make sure I clean up before bed, just encase” she answered gonig back to her weaving.

Jed nodded wondering what exactly she had to clean. She was always immaculate anyway, looking down at himself he suddenly felt very dirty, “ I’ll do the same “ he smiled, putting his hand on her shoulder “ are you sure your ok with this?.” he asked.  


Maria looked confused “Why wouldn’t I be, you are my husband. I have been expecting it”.

“Yes i know, but are comfortable with it, i don’t want to push you?” he asked genuinly concerned for her, after all it was gonig to be her first time and he wanted to make sure she was ready.   

Maria looked more confused ” Why wouldn’t i be? its is my duty to provide you with children, i don’t want to let you down.”

“yes i know” he answered ” i just wanted to make sure”. 

Maria smiled “Thankyou” she replied ” but im quite ready to be your wife in every sence of it”.   

 Jed nodded “Oh ok, I’ll see you tonight then” standing, he wandering off, this was exactly the kind of thing that bothered him.

It was like everything she did was to somehow please him. He just wanted to get to know the real her, surely she had thoughts of her own in her head, surely she had wants or dreams it wasn’t possible that the only thing she wanted in her life was to look after him.  

She never complained even after a really hard days work, she never showed any sign of frailty or weakness always perfect and always doing everything she could to please him it all just seemed very un-natural.

4 responses to “Quite Ready

  1. I wonder if she has been tauglt to keep things to herself, it does seem very odd but maybe thats what she thinks a wife should be?, or maybe she didnt want to marry Jed in the first place. Wow she would be so intimidating

  2. Whoa, she’s a robot! lol Just kidding.
    I like her, she seems a bit weird in how she talks. He just has to find her button.
    Er…I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.
    Something is going to happen and he’ll see the “human” side of her and stop being so freaked out.
    She’ probably scared to death and is hiding it.

  3. Maybe she is trying too hard. Having to compete with his late wife might be keeping her on her toes. If so she’ll get tired of it soon enough. Maybe after he has “commenced his husbandly rights” she’ll relax. :)

  4. Or maybe there aren’t any secrets? Yes, the competition thing is hard, because dead competition never gets old, and they occupy an idealized image in everyone’s memory.

    Maybe it’s been drilled into her mind a wife is only to serve a husband? Men are scarce, and maybe she’s afraid she’ll be replaced, as well.

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