About Time.

“Abby” he said again this time with more urgency, “Abby wake up”.  

Abagael lay still determined to continue her pretence of being asleep, as she lay there she felt Brans continuing kisses but more importantly she felt his hand as it slid beneath her nightgown, slowly rising up her leg he eventually stopped upon encountering her underwear.

 She continued to lay still wondering what he planned to do next, he’d never ventured so close to her private area’s before, his hand shook as he fumbled trying to find the way in. 

Abagael lay there she could hear his heart beating so loud it was almost deafening, she toyed with the idea of “waking”, so she could help him, but no she thought, she’d not had much luck with that so far, she wanted to see just how far he would take it alone. Was it that she was somehow less threatening asleep and it was allowing him some kind of safety.  

Struggling passed her underwear he finally got to his goal, gently exploring. Abagael found it hard not to react, too scared of letting him know she was awake she groaned and shifted to allow him easier access, pretending that she was simply moving in her sleep.  

Abagael’s own heart raced, she’d never felt these sensations before and they where not at all unpleasant, moments passed and Abagael found it increasingly more difficult to keep up her sleeping façade.  

She wasn’t at all sure if this was supposed to be normal, where men supposed to do this while their wives where sleeping, but right now she didn’t care she was enjoying it too much.  

Slipping his hand out from beneath her nightgown he shook her gently “Abby” he said again trying to wake her, she lay for a moment wondering if she should allow herself to be woke, if she continued to “sleep” would he give up and that be the end. But if she woke would things end the way they normally did, him in the bathroom and her crying in her bed. 

As she lay there debating her situation she could hear him fumbling about what on earth was he doing she though rolling over towards him she cautiously opened her eye’s still not wanting to reveal she was awake, he was sat on the edge of the bed and appeared to be taking off his underwear.  

Well it appeared he wanted to take things further she thought, but now she worried as to exactly how far he would take it with her asleep, she wasn’t sure she liked the idea of him going all the way with her sleeping, surely that wasn’t the normal behaviour of men?.  

He climbed back into the bed shuffling over to her, he lent down towards her kissing her cheek “Abby” he whispered “ Wake up”. she ignored him, hoping he would try more forcefully to wake her, which he did shaking her he spoke louder “ Abby”.  a moment or two passed and he continued to wake her eventually she gave into his insistence, firstly because she confident he didn’t intend for things to continue without her co-operation, and secondly because his insistence had gotten so great she’d have to be dead not to wake.  

She groaned turning onto her back “what?” she asked.  

Bran kissed her passionately by way of a response; forcing her to a sitting position he pulled her nightgown over her head. Abagael decided not to speak, afraid anything she might say would throw him from his course of action, she lay passive allowing him to take control, finally getting her naked he lay next to her, his hand moving to continue the activity he’d started earlier.

snapshot_d322af22_335eed34.jpg  The moments passed and Abagael enjoyed the experience, terrified that at any moment he would flee to the bathroom but as the moments passed he did not flee and eventually nervously he moved on top of her.  

She gasped as he entered, a sharp pain, Bran quickly pulled away looking terrified “are you ok?” he asked. 

 Abagael nodded “ Im fine” she said her face revealing her nerves as much as his “ I think its supposed to hurt a bit” she whispered.  Bran looked worried “ we can stop” he said.  

Abagael shook her head “no its ok, please” she said her body tense she breathed deeply trying to relax herself. Bran kissed her, holding back for a moment or two while they both relaxed, and eventually he tried again.

snapshot_d322af22_f35eeeb8.jpg  It was short and awkward, a lot of fumbling and a little discomfort on Abagaels part, but when they where finished it was like the world had suddenly opened up to her a great weight had been lifted for both of them, Brans past was finally where it belonged, behind them.

4 responses to “About Time.

  1. YAY! Congratulations, Abby and Bran! :D:D

  2. WAY TO GO BRAN! We knew you had it in you. :)

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  4. HOORAY!!!! What a relief that must be :)

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