Unexpected Solution

It was just two days before Bran big day when Father Mathew came calling. Bran answered the door unaware or the turmoil that was occurring between Albert and his new wife. Bran quite liked Taye she was down to earth, and she seemed to have taken good care of his father while he’d been away.  

Although it was terribly odd to have a step mother who was actually several years younger than him, as long as his father was happy he didn’t care Bran was far too laid back to get stressed over details such as age, besides wedding looming he had his own problems to deal with.

  Guiding Father Mathew into the lounge where Taye and Albert sat he paid no heed to the bundle he held in his arms. However it was the first this both Taye and Albert noticed as he walked though the door, looking at one another suspiciously they looked towards the priest, and more importantly towards the babe in his arms.  “May I take a seat” Brother Mathew asked.  

Albert nodded “ Of course please do, how may I help you”.  Brother Mathew smiled turning the baby around so Albert and Taye could see it, “ My little friend here is Neo. His family died, they where farmers in the outlands bandits attacked thier home almost a month ago, killing the whole family ,only this little one survived”.  

Albert eye’d the priest suspiciously wondering where he was going with it.  “Anyway “ the priest continued “ ive been taking care of  him at the church but its not really ideal he needs a more permanent arrangement.”  

Albert sighed realising exactly where this was going, looking over at Taye he could see by her face she knew exactly where it was going too. “ You want us to take him in? “ Albert asked.  

The priest smiled “ Exactly, after the discussion’s I’ve had with both of you of late I’ve realised you’d be the perfect people to take him in”.  

Albert sighed looking back over at Taye who sat dumbfounded, finding her voice and looking confused she finally spoke. “ But Albert doesn’t want anymore children, he wont even let me have one”.


The priest smiled standing he handed the baby to Taye, “ Don’t judge him too harshly, he said, there is more too it than that, things which I hope your husband will share with you in the near future.” he said looking sternly at Albert.   Albert looked uncomfortably toward Taye was he watched her bounce the baby on her knee. “ I just don’t understand” she said. 

Dropping onto his knee’s the priest made himself eye level with Taye, “ Albert finds it embarrassing to discuss, he cares for you greatly and doesn’t want you to leave him but at the moment he can’t give you a baby, however he’s not quite as against the idea, as he tell’s you.”

 Taye glanced over toward Albert who was looking very uncomfortable “Albert what’s going on?” she asked. 

 Albert sighed, “Father Mathew is right, I would give you the baby you want. If I could, but Im sorry I can’t, my body isn’t what it used to be”. He said leaving out the fact that his body had never complied willingly in this area.

Taye looked shocked “Why did you just, not tell me?” she asked. 

“I’m sorry love, I was embarrassed, I just figured if I kept saying no you’d eventually give up, I always figured you could have children when I was gone with a new husband”.  

“So Taye” Father Mathew spoke drawing the conversation back to the baby “Do you think you could care for this little one instead? Neo really needs a mother to love him.   

Taye looked towards Albert “Can I? “ she asked hopefully.  

Albert sighed “Will it keep you happy?” she asked, “Stop all those foolish notions you’ve been having running though your head?”.  

Taye nodded Furiously “ It will I promise”.   

Albert sighed in defeat “Very well, I suppose you better set up the spare room”.

Taye grinned leaning over she kissed Albert on the forehead planting the baby on his knee “ here, get to know your son while I set up the nursery” she said running towards the door.


Father Mathew chuckled as he watched Albert fumble helplessly with the baby “ well my job is done” he said smiling “ I’ll leave you two to get acquainted, and ill see you at church on Sunday”.   Albert Glared at the priest “ Remind me not to confess, anything to you ever again”.

Father Mathew chuckled leaving Albert to tackle the newest addition to the household.  Albert looked down at the baby, who lay smiling in his arms, trying to comprehend what had just happened and how he’d allowed it to occur.

Just then Bran entered the room“ What going on with Taye” he asked as looking confused “ she’s just near knocked me down the stairs”. 

 Standing Albert sighed “ she’d gone mad” she said thrusting the baby into Bran’s arms “ here get to know your brother he said leaving the room, leaving Bran looking at the baby very confused.  

2 responses to “Unexpected Solution

  1. It’s not quite her own baby, but she’s so deliriously happy anyway! What a wonderful workaround! All parties are happy and there’s another child who has a home. ^^

  2. What a dear little baby… what a fantastic solution. Maybe now Albert can feel comfortable enough to share the full extent of his problems with her.

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