Raeann Makes a Move.

Raeann paced the deck her sister didn’t think she should act on her feeling but she wasn’t sure she could just allow Bran to slip away like that.  

Making her way down to his room she decided to talk to him about it, she knew it wasn’t the best solution she felt guilty Abagael was her friend but surly she’d forgive her, if Bran married her they wouldn’t be happy.

snapshot_d322af22_135455bd.jpg Knocking lightly on his door, he called for her to enter. He was sitting on the bed reading lifting his head he smiled at her. “What do I owe this pleasure”.

 Raeann shuffled nervously “ I just came to visit, thought you might like some company”.  

“Always” he said grinning, moving across the bed he patted next to him guiding her to sit down.  

Sitting on the bed she shuffled up close and Bran put his arm lazily about her shoulders “ So “ she said “feeling any better about the wedding” she asked. 

Bran nodded “ just nerves, ill be fine” he said he tone unconvincing. 

“Have you ever thought that maybe Abagaels not the right girl for you?” Raeann probed, biting her lip nervously. 

 Bran shook his head “No, she’s a fine girl, we get on very well, Im sure things will work out, what about you, you seem nervous everything ok?”. 

 Raeann smiled nervously, her heart beating hard and fast, “I need to ask you something” she said “but Im just not sure how your going to react” 

 Bran shuffled down the bed shifting his weight to his elbow, placing his arm over her stomach so they where face to face “Go on then”. He said his interest stirred. 

Raeann fought desperately for the words, she could feel Brans breath brushing her face, smell the lavender soap he’d used to wash himself suddenly she lent upwards kissing him on the lips.

snapshot_d322af22_f354571c.jpg  Bran too stunned to move looked back down at the girl when she pulled away, “erm” he said “ that was unexpected”. 

 Raeann stared hard trying to judge his reaction “ unexpected nice? She asked.

  Bran sat up pulling himself out of the intimate position, touching his lips “No it was nice, I guess” he answered “But why?”. 

 Raeann struggled to pull herself back up the bed she pulled herself back into a sitting position. “ I love you”. 

 “Oh… “ Bran replied 

 “ Is that all you can say? ” Reann asked.  

Taking a deep breath Bran stood “ what do you want me to say Raeann, I get married in two weeks”.  

Reann stood and walked around the bed towards Bran “ but that’s why I told you, you don’t have to marry her, I know you don’t love her” leaning up to kiss him again “ we could…..” 

Bran cut her off pushing her hand down off his face “ Raeann no, Im sorry… but this isn’t going to happen”.  

Tears started to well in Raeann’s eyes, “ Why not?  I thought you felt the same way “.  

“Im sorry “ bran sad shaking his head “ I don’t, you’re my friend, that’s all”.  “But…. I don’t understand, Abagael always complained that you weren’t affectionate, but with me you seem different, you hug me you even kiss my cheek or hand I though you, liked me”.  

Bran sighed, “ Im really sorry, I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression”.  

Tears rolled freely down Raeann’s cheeks “ But why do all those things with me, but not with Abby if you don’t like me”.

“Because your safe, you’re my friend, your Abbys friend…I didn’t think for an instant you’d feel this way for me” he tried to explain “ Im an affectionate person, always have been but with Abby I get so tense she’s the kings daughter I need to be so careful or ill end up with my head on a spike somewhere”. 

“but im sure the king wouldn’t have minded a kiss or a hug” Bran shrugged “ maybe not, but I had no way of knowing besides those things tend to lead on to other things that would land me in trouble”.  

Raeann looked at Bran “ So you don’t love me”.  Bran sighed “ I do love you, but I love you as a friend nothing more Im sorry”. At this Raeann turned and fled from the room.

3 responses to “Raeann Makes a Move.

  1. So Bran does like Abgael after all? I am glad. I hope Raeann can get passed this

  2. Oh poor girl.. that sux majorly. I hope at least Abagael can be happy.

  3. I have to say, when she said “but that’s why I told you, you don’t have to marry her, I know you don’t love her . . . we could…..” I kind of lost respect for her. She’s betraying her friend! Honestly! Does she not feel just a bit of guilt about it? Bran dealt with it gently, though, and I hope that Raeann gets over it. And that Abagael never hears about it, or she might go mad with suspicion.

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