Deep Breath

Bran and Brianna had been home a few days, Albert had spoken with Peter just to let him know he was aware of the situation with Tarik and Dorothy, Peter had assured him he planned to honour and respect Brianna saying she bought the best out of him.

 Albert still had reservations about the wedding but Brianna seemed so excited he didn’t have the heart to call it off, especially as the alternative would likely leave Brianna unable to find a husband.  He’d been up to the church and had spoken with Father Mathew about the situation with Taye, as hard as it had been to admit he’s been honest with the the priest who had been more understanding than he had expected. 

 Father Mathew had asked him a lot of questions about the idea of having a baby and his relationship with Taye and as much as Albert didn’t really want another child he had to admit Taye’s initial argument about having an extra baby in the house when Bran started to have children did make sense. 

Realising that if it hadn’t been for his little problem he would probably have given her what she wanted, but also realising that the thought of losing her scared him, he couldn’t honestly say he loved her as a man should love his wife but they did make a good team, and he certainly loved her like a daughter. 

 At the end of the meeting father Mathew had sounded promising, saying he thought he had a solution to the problem, Albert was eager to find out what that solution maybe because as at present he was at a loss as to how to keep his wife with him.

As Albert sat in the lounge he heard a knock at the door, he smiled it would be Abagael, she and sent a messenger earlier that day saying she would call in to see Bran, Albert settled back into his chair he could hear Bran bouncing heavily down the stairs to meet her, “Don’t run “ he called out chuckling “ she doesn’t want a husband with a broken neck “ best to leave the couple alone he thought.

One response to “Deep Breath

  1. I wonder what the solution can be? (How do you come up with so many story plots? You must have such an imagination)

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