Brianna’s Wedding Hangs in the Balance.

For now Albert’s own problems with Taye would have to wait, he’d spoken to her and she’d agreed to give him the time he needed to deal with the weddings of his two children before they tackled there own disagreements.


 Albert had been shocked at Taye’s declaration of intentions, however he also knew her plan was less secure than she thought. The church weren’t in the habit of declaring marriages null, unless the matter had been investigated, the first thing they would ask was why the marriage had not been consummated followed by what the intentions of both party’s where once it had been dissolved. 

 He knew one word to the priest from him about Taye’s intentions for a life of sin would seal her forever in the marriage; no priest in his right mind would nullify a marriage that would lead to that outcome.

However more pressing matters loomed, Brianna and Bran would return from university any day and Albert still hadn’t decided what to do about Brianna’s planned wedding.  He wasn’t at all happy with the idea of letting the wedding go ahead as things currently stood, he knew Brianna would be heartbroken if she found out what Peter had been up to. 

The way he saw it he had three options call of the wedding and tell Brianna the truth about why, she’d be heart broken but he could then see about finding her a new husband. 

He could let the wedding go ahead, pray that Peter’s indiscretion had been a one-time mistake from which he’d learnt.

Finally tell Brianna when she go home what had happened and let he decide for her self, logically this seemed like the best idea but Brianna had always been fragile, he wanted to save her from sure a difficult decision and the pain of the whole affair. 

She’d always been easily led and he knew if she spoke to Peter he’d probably be able to talk her into anything, he hated the thought of his daughter trapped in a marriage with a man who would cause her pain because he knew that if that happened she was the type to suffer in silence. 

One response to “Brianna’s Wedding Hangs in the Balance.

  1. I think if I were Taye, and that desperate for a child, I’d go for the life of sin. But she’ll be condemned by everyone, and even love can’t erase all that.

    Peter must be reformed! I can only hope that he’ll be kinder to Brianna, knowing that a generous man stayed his sword instead of killing him for his sins.

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