Vaux Twins

Orrick approach with his daughters going to university had been quite different to that of most fathers, his focus had not been on them finding suitable husband more about them finding what they wanted for themselves. He’d not set stipulations on what they should look for in fact he hadn’t really told them to look at all, the only thing he did was have “the” talk about lady like behaviour and what was expected of them at university.


During the first year neither girl had time for looking seriously at men, both girls enjoyed a few casual male acquaintances but nothing too serious. During the second year Daria met a boy called Cole Raha a foreign student who’d travelled hundreds of miles to study at what his parents considered the best university in the world.  


His parents had died recently leaving Cole everything, unable to go to university and upkeep his family home he’d sold everything in order to pay for his education, with no plans for after university his aim for now was to get an education and worry about the rest later. 

Raeann spent most of the second year being chased, or more a more proper fitting term would be plagued by Alistairs younger brother Prince Thomas. Like his brother had been given a choice by his father, he had to pick one of the girls at Grimstead house even Holly and Brianna where on the cards despite their lower class… and the young prince had made his decision, if Raeann liked it or not.


Prince Thomas was at 3 years younger than Raeann she was less than impressed, knowing full well that if he truly had made up his mind she may well end up forced into the marriage. Thomas was not exactly the man of the dreams, he had a quiet way about him and although many said he was a lot like Alistair, he lacked his brothers outward confidence. Raeann would often say she liked her men to be men and Thomas reminded her of a lost puppy.  

However she was a sensible girl and she could see the benefits of marrying into Royalty for herself and her future children, so she kept him hanging there for now until she made a decision about if she was gonig to accept his advances. Should she marry the “smart” match or would she hang on for love?

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