Taye Lays Her Card’s on the Table.

Taye had been at work on one o the local farms for the day; hour’s toiling in the sun had given her plenty of time to think. Arriving home she headed off to the bathroom for her usual clean up before she started dinner. Albert was out at the pond catching fish for sale at the market, she’d heard her arrive and from the sound of slamming doors her knew she wasn’t in a good mood.

 Taye was a good girl, a little headstrong but she was a hard worker always threw herself into everything she did, she worked all day and still made time for the chores about the house. Albert stayed out of her way she was on the warpath tonight, continuing to fish till she called him for dinner.  Entering the kitchen Taye was serving up taking a seat he smiled at her “ evening love” he said trying to judge if it were him or something else she was angry at.  

His plate clattered in front of him as she almost threw his dinner at him she was mad at him he decided, putting his head down he ate his food in silence waiting for the enviable explosion, there was only so long she could keep things bottled up, she had the temper of a raging bull. 

 Finally it happened “I want you to release me from my wedding vows” she finally blurted out. 

 Albert looked up from his meal “ pardon, I don’t understand you can’t just be released, Im not sure it works like that”. 

 “Thats exactly how it works “ she said sharply the glare from her eyes piercing into the top of his head “ I’ve spoken with brother Mathew I wasn’t sure I was going to go though with it, but ive been thinking about it all day and ive decided I want you to release me, Brother Mathew seems to think we can dissolve the marriage as we haven’t actually consummated it, it’s like it doesn’t become formal until we have so you have no reason to hold me”. 

 “you mean the church will release you because we haven’t…… “ he said.  

Taye nodded “ yes “ she said arms folded “ at least I should be grateful Im capable of proving it, to think I used to worry id end up as the oldest virgin in Grimstead, not it seems to be my saving grace”.  

“Taye your being silly your not the oldest, your only 16 lass, there’s a few older than you Im sure. 

 Taye glared “ that’s not the point the point is as you haven’t been near me, I can and will get our marriage dissolved”. 

 “But lass, what will you do? Is there someone else?”. He asked concerned.

“Don’t be stupid there’s no one else, what kind of woman do you take me for” she said blatantly insulted. ” 

“What would you do? if I where to release you?” Albert asked. 

“ Im not sure” she replied “ I can probably move back in with my mother, I can work support myself”. 

“ That still wont get you a child” Albert added.  

“ No it wont, but Grimstead is full of young men capable and willing to do what you seem unwilling to do, I might not get a husband but I can have a child” she said determinedly.  

“Taye love that’s no way to live “. Albert tried to reason. 

 “What “ she exclaimed “ you think this is?!” 

Albert sat in silence dumbfounded, while Taye continued her rant.

“ Im willing to stay here until Bran and Brianna come back in a few weeks, however then I would rather you came with me to the church and admit that we haven’t consummated, it will save me the embarrassment and shame of being examined. You wont give me a child but will you please at least do me that favour?”  

Albert sat looking uncomfortably looking at his food. Standing he said, “ let me think about it”, leaving the room.

3 responses to “Taye Lays Her Card’s on the Table.

  1. Whoa….

  2. yay I am glad she is taking her future in her own hands, I hope this gets albert to explain a few things to her but how embarassing for him especially with the age gap.

  3. Spunky girl, but how will Albert take it?

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