The Dual


Tarik headed towards where the dual was to take place, his affairs had been set I order if he lost today, he’d named Baby Quillen as his heir, Jasmines son would inherit it all,  His house here, in Grimstead, and his castle, in the mountains. Little did people know that the castle and it’s contents made Tarik a richer man that everyone in Grimstead gathered together including the King.


When Tarik arrived he found Orrick, Peter and Aldun had already arrived, smiling he nodded at the gathering.  Orrick nodded back “ Aldun here tells me you finally convinced Jasmine to marry you”.  









 Tarik grinned “Yes, and believe me it wasn’t easy”.  









Orrick smiled offering his hand “ Congratulations she’d a fine girl”





  “Thank you” Tarik answered shaking it with both Aldun and Peter standing in the back ground looking very disapprovingly, the glares flowed off Tarik like water off a ducks back nothing could spoil his mood today.  

   “So shall we begin” Orrick said turning to the Hamduns, peter nodded his nerves evident, pulling his sword from the scabbard he fumbled with it almost dropping it to the floor.   Aldun sighed heavily, rolling his eyes his embarrassment evident. 


  Tarik looked back towards Peter, the younger boy visibly shaking, Tarik felt a twinge of guilt, Peter was out matched, he’d pretty much come to his death and everyone there knew it.


Tarik looked towards Aldun a cold steely expression drawn across his face, Tarik wondered if he even cared that his son would likely die.    Tariks thoughts went back to the night before when Aldun had come to his house, suddenly realising he’d not come out of concern for his son, Peter was a spare completely expendable, it was about smoothing it over, saving face.  If Peter fell to Tariks blade it would be seen as a judgment on the guilty by god. Aldun knew his son would fall and so rather than have his families name tarnished he’d tried to get him out of the fight, but not to save the life of his son.  

Tarik wondered if Aldun had even tried to convince Peter to agree to Tariks offer of compensation and an apology, looking Aldun and the way he was now looking at Peter Tarik knew he hadn’t he’d rather Peter died than apologised. At least Peters death would bring the wealth he’d granted his son back into his control without the risk of further embarrassments.





  The thoughts raced thought Tariks mind and he didn’t even notice Orrick calling for the fight to begin, he was suddenly awoken by Peters sword flying past his ear.  Coming too Tarik raised his sword and blocked the second blow, peters swing was feeble no power behind it what so ever. 


  A few minutes passed and peter and Tarik exchanged blows, Peter trying his best to put and end to it quickly, while Tarik’s blows where designed to test Peter’s skill rather than actually hurt him. 

Quickly Tarik realised killing Peter would be as easy as killing a small child, his defence was almost none existent, his blows lacked direction and power he fought like a small child with a stick, almost unbalancing himself on a number of occasioned due to the lack of attention he paid to his foot work.  

 Tarik was an expert fighter he moved with the grace of a dancer his sword flowed as if they where extensions of his body. Even Orrick who had always been fairly competent with a sword was suitably impressed, watching him from the sidelines he doubted there was a man in Grimstead who could best Tarik in a dual.  

Aldun had noted it too, watching the fight unfold he watch Tarik play with his son, like a cat plays with a mouse. Knowing at anytime he could end it, disgusted Aldun turned and walked away he didn’t need to see the end of the fight, not because he cared too much to watch his son die but because he wanted to get a head start on dissolving his sons estate.





The fight was nearing its end not because either combatant was gaining any advantage but merely because Tarik had no wish for the suffering to continue, Peter knew he was dead it was clearly written on his face, his heart for the fight gone now he only wished that death would come quickly. 


Tarik finally lunged out at Peter but not with the edge of his blade, he used to flat of it to knock Peter off balance sending him sprawling to the floor his sword flying clean from his hands, spinning across the wet grass. Peter rolled quickly to his back to see Tariks blade come for him again aimed at his neck, Peter closed his eye and waited for it to land. 

 There was a thunk as the blade hit the ground, Peter lay there for a moment wondering if he where dead when he finally opened his eyes again he saw Tariks sword embedded in the grass inches from his neck Tarik leaning upon it looking down on him.


“Do you concede” Tarik asked. Peter nodded his head fiercely “ I want and apology for the Beav’s, 20,000 in gold and a one of your tax paying families is it agreed?” 

 Peter nodded again suddenly realising that at some point during the duel he had wet himself. “ Good Tarik stated offering his hand to the younger man he pulled peter to his feet. “ I want them by the end of the week or we will be doing this again is it understood?” 

 Peter nodded again. “ Yes.. of course” he mumbled hardly believing he was still alive. 

 Tarik turned to Orrick “ Can you see the lord gets home” he asked, “ I believe his father took his horse”. 

 Orrick nodded “Of course”.  With a bow of the head to both men Tarik headed to his horse and rode back home to his wife.

3 responses to “The Dual

  1. Oh wow, I love Tarik!
    He’s so honorable. Peter is such a sissy boy and his dad..ugh.
    I love how this turned out but I hope Tarik doesn’t pay for his mercy later on in a dark alley. {O_O}

  2. I enjoyed that as well. Tarik is a pretty cool guy. Aldun makes me ill. :(

  3. Some people are not nice. But some people are also saying nothing but the truth, and I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing. I can’t imagine abandoning your son like that. Tarik was nice to spare Peter; maybe he’ll turn around his life?

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