Taye’s Frustration

Life at the Howard’s was busy, renovations had been going on all year preparing the old house Albert had bought for the return of his son and of course his sons wife. It was never going to be fit for a princess but if she was prepared to marry so far below her class she’d have to learn to make do.  The house was simple but it was clean, and now though a lot of hard work was in a good state of repair, they’d not been able to furnish it fully and a couple of the rooms remained empty but it was a start and it had all the necessity’s.  Jaedyn would undoubtedly come with a decent dowry from the king so perhaps they could finish the house after the wedding.  

Taye had not given up on her desire for a baby, infact since her stepfather Gabe had died shed been even more insistent, pointing out that Albert would not be around forever.  She and Albert shared a room now, however there beds where still separate and Albert was still very reluctant to given in to her demands. Though he could not deny the fact that at 57 he probably didn’t have that many years left to live, and he understood he was probably the young girls only hope of being a mother, he really didn’t want to play father again. 

She was sure she’d married the only man in Grimstead not to be interested in sex, she’d tried everything to convince him from the logical argument to the pitiful plea, she’d even tried seducing him nothing had worked.  

All he said was that he was too old for that sort of thing and that perhaps once he was dead she could marry a younger man who wanted children. Logically this was a sound argument but single men in Grimstead where a rare commodity and the chances where not good. The best she could realistically hope for once Albert was gone would be to be a mistress.

As the days wore on Taye got more and more frustrated, she’d tried everything to convince Albert to let her have a child and the more he denied her the more angry she got and the more extreme her idea’s for solving the problem became.

4 responses to “Taye’s Frustration

  1. Hopefully she won’t do anything drastic…:(

  2. Whoa… she’s sounding kinda…crazed right about now. {O_O}


  3. Nothing’s worse than a woman with baby on the brain!

  4. No kidding; she wants one so badly, and she can’t!

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