Royal Duties

Alistair and Kaitlyn had enjoyed their peace and quiet at the manor house, the twins where growing big and like all royal children they wanted for nothing.



Despite her initial fears Kaitlyn loved being a mother, she still did not intend to repeat her mothers performance of giving birth to six of them however she could possibly be convinced to have another a few years down the line.




 Alistair’s Sister Abagael was living back at the main castle for now but in just a few short months she’d be married like her twin sister Jaedyn. It had been organised so that when she moved out the royal couple would move back the castle.

  King Henry was getting old and it was time for Alistair to take over some of the royal duties in preparation for the day he would be King.  Kaitlyn was nervous about moving up to the Castle she liked the quiet she had at the manor, moving to the castle indicated duty’s for her too.  

She didn’t mind that too much but Queen Annabella could be quite a handful when it came to the upbringing of her Grandchildren. Kaitlyn knew she meant well but her interference could be irritating, she always seemed to make the young girl feel incompetent regardless of what she did and she didn’t seem to understand that Kaitlyn’s idea’s for the children’s upbringing was just as valid as her own.  

Kaitlyn thus far had learnt to keep her temper and kep things polite however Kaitlyn had always been a strong headed woman and she could see stormy weather ahead sharing a castle with her mother in law.

2 responses to “Royal Duties

  1. Love the cots, where did you get those from? I think its good Kaitlyn knows her own mind, I hope she manages to bring up the children the way she wants

  2. Oh no, in-law troubles are looming!

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