What Are We Going To Do

“Please My lord” Cenemin begged dodging swing after swing Peter made with his sword. Peter had obviously been trained well with the weapon but had never had actual battle experience.


 Cenemin was older and he too had been trained, trained almost every day of his life in fact, if he’d been a few year younger he would have been Lord Darkfire’s personal guard but Tarik had seen fit to allow the old man some kind of retirement.  

For all peters training it was however no match for Cenemins real battle experience, granted he’d never fought a human being before but the cursed forest that had trapped his family for so many year could and frequently did throw some pretty terrifying beasts a the castle on a regular bases.   Cenemin dodged deftly for some time, Peter couldn’t hit him, he was all rage and no control widely swinging if it had been a real battle he would have been dead minutes earlier. Cenemin was however running out of time, he aged muscles where starting to weaken and he couldn’t keep this up for as long as the younger man.  “ Just give her too me and this will be over” peter spat. 

 “No Milord, you cant take her” Cenemin responded dodging another blow. 

Dorothy had heard the commotion and had ran from the safety in the house “ No, please don’t kill him” she screamed. “ Milord, I’ll go with you, just don’t hurt my pa”.  

Peter lunged again this time he caught the tiring Cenemin in the arm, a small wound but it bled profusely. “Come on old man no need to die, for the sake of a Whore, she wants to come with me, can’t you hear her… begging”.


Cenemin was tiring he had no choice but to fight back, swinging he landed his fist hard into Peters jaw, there was an unmistakable cracking sound as the blow landed, “ my daughter is not a whore” he said between gritted teeth, Peter staggered forward and Cenemin kicked out with his foot landing it hard into peters side sending him sprawling into the mud.  

Peter tried to stand, slipping helplessly in the mud, Cenemin walked over kicking the sword from out of his hands, he grabbed him by the shirt pulling him too his feet. “ now get off my farm, or I swear I’ll kill you” Cenemin snarled.  Peter tried desperately to regain some of his composure “ I hope she’d worth it old man, because ill have your head for this” he said staring him in the eye. “ and belive me when I say, whatever you thought would happen too her, they’ll be ten times worse now”.  

Cenemin glared back at him, unflinching “ We will see, now get off my land before I regret not killing you”.  

Peter grabbed his sword and ran back to his horse, mounting he shouted back “ You’ll pay for this peasant, I’ll see this farm burns before the week’s end”  riding off at full gallop.  

As soon as Peter was out of sight Cenemin Slumped, against the fence, Dorothy ran over, “ Pa you ok” she said hugging him. 

 “Get off me girl” he said shaking her free, “ Help me into the house, I’ll be fine”.  

“look at your arm” she said by now the sleeve of his shirt was coated in blood.

 Cenemin looked down and chuckled “Don’t worry about that lass, its just a scratch go and get the bandages and some clean water”.  

Dorothy ran off and Cenemin made his way into the house, landing heavily on  stool, his arm paining him more than he wanted to admit.  A few minutes later Dorothy returned a few minutes later with the bandages, helping her father take his shirt off and cleaning the wound.  “What are we gonna do Pa?” she asked, “he’s gonna come back.” 

“ I don’t know yet lass, “ he answer stroking the side of her face, “ don’t you worry, ill sort something out”. 

 Tears rolled down her face “ You should have just let him take me Pa, I don’t want anyone to get hurt”. 

 “No lass I could let him have ya, he wasn’t an honourable man and I couldn’t bare to think of. what he wanted you for”. 

 “He might have just wanted me for a maid” she protested “Not every man just wants that”.  

Cenemin looked at her sternly “ Aye lass that’s true enough, but I’ve seen the looks he gave you in men’s eye’s before and there was no respect or kindness there, only thoughts of how many ways he could dishonour you, now run along, the pigs still need seeing too. I’m going to take a bath and clean up before your mother see’s me. “ 

Dorothy headed back out of the front door, however she didn’t head to the pigs, nor did she stay on the farm, she ran and full speed off down the road towards the new Hamdun estate, perhaps she could reason with Peter she thought come to an arrangement to save her family.

5 responses to “What Are We Going To Do

  1. Oh dear… this is DEFINITELY not going to end well… Dorothy you silly girl… just stay at home.

  2. Oh dear, shes a bit naive to say the least!

  3. Oh god she is a totally idiot!
    First being fooled by Orion now thinking she can “save” her family with a “sacrifice”
    She deserves getting mistreated and humiliated for her stupidity.
    This is what happens when you don’t heed your parents.


  4. Don’t you think that’s kind of harsh?…

  5. Dorothy! It says something that both are willing to risk practically all that they have for each other, but in this case . . . honestly, the fact that your father fought that hard for you should say something! Respect his wishes!

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