Peters Maid.

Peter was granted a small estate, a couple of the Hamdun peasant families where moved along with him, each given a small coin gesture in return for the their co-operation to re-pay to the trouble.  

 The actual house Peter had moved into used to be the old Vaux Estate it was small but for now it would do, Peter had the place cleaned up and re-decorated, it was liveable but not by much as far as Peter was concerned.

snapshot_d33cc36f_b33cc3711.jpg  However it would be a full 12 months before Brianna joined him as his wife and Peter was already making plans as to how to fill that time, he’d heard tell that Grimstead had rather an abundance of single peasant girls who be unable to find a husband.  So out of the goodness of his heart, as very large it was he decided to give one of them a job as a maid on the estate, after all the washing and cooking wouldn’t do its self, and of course a there would be other duties involved, a mans bed got terribly lonely after all. 

Granted he wasn’t sure Brianna would exactly approve but he didn’t exactly plan to tell her, once she married him there would be very little she could do about it anyway he laughed.

 Looking at the list of girls names he had, it looked like his first stop would be the Baev’s, rumour had it her father had vowed not to grant his youngest daughter a dowry.   Word had it she’d already been housebroken in regards to the bedroom too…Her father would be surely stuck for options as to what to do with her.  Surely a man would rather his daughter, came to work for a respectable lord than spend her life as little more than a whore, Peter thought with a smile.

9 responses to “Peters Maid.

  1. Wait I’m lost… who is Peter and Brianna again?

  2. I sympathize – I often am lost as to who is who.

    According to the family tree, Peter is the son of Aldun and Mirriella…not sure who they are, really.

    The younger brother of Kaitlyn.

    And Brianna is Albert Howard’s daughter, one of Bran’s sisters…not sure who they are, either…


  3. I’m still trying to figure out who the Hamdun’s are….


  4. Gosh !!!! and i thought you people read my blog :P

    Peter is kaitlyns and Gabriel’s little brother ( the Hamdun spare as it where ) He’s the guy who terriorised Jaedyn in university.. all together not a nice guy.

    I can understand you not knowing who Brianna is she’d not really been in the story yet , but yea she’s Alberts daughter and Brans sister, she was in Uni with bran but i didn’t really have anything interesting to write about her.

    Bran is the one that tiffany is convinced is Gay, he’s currently planning on marrying Princess Abagael.

    And the Hamduns are the most powerful Noble Family in the kingdom. The mothrr and father arn’t in the story much but Kaitlyn / Gabriel and Peter are there 3 oldest kids and have been in it plenty.

    erm .. hope that covers everything.

  5. I do read it…it’s just there are so many entries, and so many people, and…GAH! Even with the aid of the family tree, it’s a gigantic yarn knot that I will never be able to untangle…

  6. hehe sorry… i’ll try and cut down the charecters i introduce to attempt to reduct the confusion ..

    It’s all very simple to me its hard to judge what readers brains can cope with.

  7. I find mostly I can tell whos who, it only got a bit confusing for mw when the new blood introduced lots of character at once. I quite like having lots of different stories to follow

  8. Leiela I love your stories don’t worry they are fantastic, this is my favorite RKC blog ever.

  9. Oh, him. Eww. I think that sums him up.

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