Preparing for Royalty.

Albert and Taye worked hard for the rest of the year, scraping every penny they could find together and just before Christmas they finally bought a new house.




 It wasn’t grand or very fancy, it lacked a lot of the luxury’s of the cabin but it was much large and would grant them the space to allow Bran and Abagael to raise a family.  

  It still needed a lot of work but with just over 12 months remaining till Bran returned from university they had plenty of time to get things in order.  Albert had no doubt the house would never be anything like what Abagael would be used to but she’d just have to make do, he couldn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t. He would however try to make her living arrangements as comfortable as possible. 

The new house had 4 bedrooms, 2  were only box rooms granted but they where just about big enough for a bed, and a cupboard, the 2 larger rooms where decent enough in size to provide both of the men a decent room, and as Taye kept pointing out there where two small rooms downstairs the couple couple convert to sleeping area’s should the need arise.

Taye had insisted that she’d move into Albert’s room and bed once they moved into the new house. She’d said they needed to get used to sleeping together because Abagael and Bran would find it odd they slept separately.  But Albert knew the true reason was because she planned to keep one of the small rooms free in hope Albert would change his mind on letting her have her own baby. For the time bieng the couple plodded on with the renovations to the house they had plenty to keep them busy.

2 responses to “Preparing for Royalty.

  1. I asked, and I’m not sure if you noted it, so where’s Taye’s dress from?

    I particularly liked your simulation of a medieval road there; it looks nice. I hope Taye will be allowed to have a child!

  2. Sorry hun i ment to dig it out for you and forgot …

    there is 14 dress’s in the set … it detailing on them is beautiful someones gone to alot of trouble. if you link to the creator they have some lovely adult male/female clothes and some kids stuff too. Jasmines nightgown is also made by the same person.

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