Last Nights Events

The suns rays piercing the curtains to stream in, a line of heat cutting like a knife across the bed. As he lay there absorbing the heat he contemplated the previous nights events.

  We wasn’t sure what had happened, he certainly had never planned for anything like that. He’d acknowledged his growing affection for jasmine some months earlier but with the pregnancy and now the new born he hadn’t wanted to make her life more complicated than it already was.  

Instead he’d decided to test the water, lay hints as to his affections to see if she responded. Well this was a response he thought, but he wasn’t quite sure it was the one he was after. Being in his situation was difficult, he couldn’t just come out and say how he felt in fear that Jasmine as his servant would feel obliged to respond positively, more than anything he feared her accepting his advances because of his status rather than from true feelings she returned. 

The more he lay there the most he realised the mistake the night before had been, she’d come to him but he wasn’t sure why? it had all happened in a bit of a blur, she’d said something about paying him back, oh why hadn’t he questions her motives further.  He could here her pottering around downstairs, there was only one way to find out. Dressing quickly he headed down to the kitchen.

One response to “Last Nights Events

  1. wheeeee! fingers crossed she loves him too… so excited!

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