Doing it alone.

Jasmine went into labour in the early hours of the morning, she’d been feeling twinges of pain in her back on and off all day but hadn’t realised what it had meant.


Calling out in pain, Tarik heard her, and ran to order the guards to fetch the midwife. Who had been posted In the guest cottage on the estate waiting for this time. 

Running back to Jasmine, “come on you should lay down” he said,

Tears ran down her face her nightgown soaking from where her waters had broken. Gritting her teeth though another wave of pain she sobbed “ Milord im scared I don’t think I can do this”.  

Rubbing her back Tarik smiled “I think it’s a bit late to change your mind” he replied.  

“it hurts” she sobbed.


“I know, come on lets get these wet clothes off you” he said unfastening the lace on her nightgown.  

 Jasmine grabbed at the ties preventing him from loosening it further  “ milord what would people say?” 

Tarik laughed “ well as most people think I was the one who got you into this state I think they would assume id seen you naked before”. 

 “Oh yeah” jasmine mumbled. “what about you don’t you mind?”

 “what kind of man do you think I am? Believe me I take no offence seeing beautiful girls naked.” Running to the bathroom he grabbed a towel.” here if it makes you feel better cover yourself with this while I take this off.

 I wont look”. A moment later she was changed into a clean nightgown. Tarik sat her down on the couch. “feeling better?”. 

“No” she sobbed, “ I don’t want to bring up a baby on my own”. 

Tarik hugged her too him brushing her hair damp with sweat from her eye’s “ Your not alone” he said kissing her lightly on the forehead. “If it helps I really do wish, I had been the one, to get you into this state”.

Before she had time to respond the midwives arrived. Shooing Tarik out of the room they tended to Jasmine who after a short while had deliver a healthy baby boy she called Quillen. 


He was the spiting image of Jed her father, he had his brown hair and deep blue eyes, Jasmine was just greatful he’d not inherited the unmistakable deep greens eye’s that marked so many of the royal children. At least Tarik also had blue which would make the pretence that he was the childs father easier to upkeep. 

2 responses to “Doing it alone.

  1. Ahh cute little baby, does Quillen have ginger eyebrows or is it me?

  2. hehe no they are brown :)

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