You Better Pray.

Dorothy arrived home, tears streaking her face never before had she seen her father so angered, she was crying in the arms of her mother when he returned. Marching in he grabbed her roughly by the arm escorting her to the back yard dragging her from her mother.

 Elvira pleaded with him “Please Cenemin, she’s just a girl”.  Glaring back at his wife the anger clearly written on his face. “ she thought she was a woman early she can be treated as one now”.  Eliva slumped back into her chair, head in her hands as tears rolled down her face as her daughters screams could be heard from outside.  

“Please Papa” Dorothy sobbed as her father dragged her kicking and screaming to the old apple tree.  pulling her gown down to her ankles he took her arms and secured her firmly to the tree with some rope.

snapshot_b322a433_f334ec0a.jpg  Naked and screaming Dorothy begged for her fathers forgiveness but he wasn’t listening as he pulled his belt from his britches.  Half the neighbourhood heard Dorothy scream as her father whipped her.

 He’d never needed to whip either of his daughters before. Nathaniel had a fair few beatings from his father growing up but never had Cenemin whipped the girls.

Occasionally he’d smacked them with his hand but nothing like this and he wasn’t sure who it hurt more him or Dorothy. When he was finished Dorothy hung sobbing, her back red and bloodied.  

Still shaking with anger he turned to her realising the binding on her wrists. “ Get yourself cleaned up, we are going to see Orion’s father”  

“Why?” she sobbed rubbing her wrists.


 To angry to look her in face, Cenemin re-buckled his belt. “You better pray he agrees to marry you girl. Else I swear you will spend the rest of your days in this house cleaning up after Calin and his children. I will waste no more time working day and night to provide a dowry for a girl who acts no better than a common whore”. Turning he walked back into the house.


6 responses to “You Better Pray.

  1. Whoa. I liked it when he was beating Orion, not so much when he was beating his daughter. Different times, though.

    He had better take his belt when he goes to see Orion and his father. He’s going to need it again.

  2. Wow a tough father but maybe it will put some sense back into her. I wonder if Orion will survive Cenemin meeting with him once he finds out Orion is married. I bet Sigan wont let him beat Orion to death though, looking forward to next update

  3. I have to say that really upset me… I feel so sickened by that kind of treatment of women for doing something that all the men were doing. Very well written! Poor Dorothy. I really hate her father… and to think I was so happy with him in the last post for giving Orion what-for, but humiliating and beating his daughter like that… what an awful person.

  4. She deserved it. If my daughter did something like that I’d beat her too. Not like that mind you, but still she’d get what for. Of course I don’t have any daughters, only sons and the eldest is only six so…


  5. hehe its funny cause me an my husband whe talking about “this” situation in relation to our sons yeasterday … our eldest is only 7 but i asked him what he would do in Sigans place…

    My husband refuses point blank to read my blog cause he thinkgs its silly girly crap … but i use him occasionally to bounce ideas off him.

  6. It’s the times. In his situation I . . . might not beat her, but I’d certainly show my disapproval most clearly.

    Sigan has changed, and Orion had better!

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