Caught in the Act

The meal with Jed had gone well, although he’d held reservations about re-marrying so soon after the death of his wife the farmer could not deny he needed help about the farm, since his eldest daughter had moved to the Darkfire Estate.


 Jed and Maria had seemed to get along well and Jed had agreed to think about taking Maria as a wife. Having lost a son Jed still needed a boy to take over the farm when he was gone after all.  Cenemin was feeling positive that an arrangement between them would be made fairly quickly, Maria had a decent dowry as Tarik had given him money by way of re-payment for calling off his betrothal help with finding a new husband.  It was midmorning and Cenemin had headed into the village to see if he could locate the mystery suitor of his youngest daughter. Finding the carpenter shop was not difficult as almost everyone he asked had heard of Orion.

 However when he arrived he found more than he had bargained for. The shop was open and the young girl behind the desk said Orion was around the back in the workshop, heading in that direction he heard his daughters voice from inside.  Cautiously he headed towards the door, Dorothy was supposed to be in school what on earth was she doing here he wondered.  

Reaching the door he peered into the gloom of the workshop to get the shock of his life. Orion had Dorothy sitting on one of the workbenches her skirt hitched up around her waist, Orion with his pants at his feet. No further explanation as to what they where up to is needed I fear.  

Cenemin flung the doors open “ what the hell is going on?”.  Both the teenagers shocked turned to face the old man who by this point had picked up a broom from by the door and had headed towards the pair. 

 “Papa !! “ Dorothy exclaimed “Don’t” she said tears running down her face.  

Orion backed off managing to pull his pants back up “ look sir, there’s no need to do anything too hasty” he said. 

 Cenemin reached his daughter pulling her roughly down from her position on the workbench. “ Dorothy get home to your mother this instant, ill deal with you later”.  

“No papa, don’t hurt him” she said trying to cling on to the broom “ I love him”.


Cenemin glared at her slapping her hard across the face “ I said get home girl”.   Having never seen her father so angry Dorothy didn’t need telling twice, running off  out of the workshop.  Cenemin moved towards Orion swinging the broom, Orion had the advantage of age, however Cenemins old bones should not be taken too lightly.

Cenemin had worked every day of his life his body toned and muscular and like all men of the Darkfire estate he’d been trained from birth the in the ways of combat so they could survive in the cursed forest if needed. 

 Orion desperately tried to block the first blow but the broom crashed heavily into his ribs with a sickening crack. Orion stumbled lurching forward only to be hit again this time across the face by the head of the broom, sending him tumbling in the opposite direction, landing heavily Orion again tried to stand the world spinning at a impossible rate, giving up he slumped to the floor. 

Dazed he looked towards Cenemin who threw the broom to a corner “ Im going to need to see your father” the old man stated before he turned and walked out of the door.

5 responses to “Caught in the Act

  1. Oh no! I hope Orion gets straightened up after this. But I feel sorry for Dorothy. She’s going to feel like such a fool when she finds out about his wife.

  2. Oh that was awesome!
    Orion so deserved that thrashing.
    I can’t wait to find out what happens next.


  3. Ah, well, I guess it was inevitable that it had already gone this far. Let’s hope that the worst that happens to Dorothy is that she gets her heart broken, since Orion can’t marry her.

    Good for Cenemin for beating him, too! Did he ever deserve it!

  4. Kapow! He so had that coming. I feel really sorry for Dorothy though… and his wife. What a total scumbag.

  5. Hmphfft. I’d be annoyed at Cenemin . . . but between a loving, caring, protective father, and a traitorous, cheating . . . well!

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