Dinner Arrangment’s.

Tarik sat gazing of his bedroom window as he did most days, Jasmine worried for her lord, he didn’t socialise much. She wasn’t exactly sure what sorts of things lords where supposed to do but when ever an invitation to a party or hunt arrived Tarik always ignored them. Spending his days alone reading or gazing out of the window.

Over the last few months her belly had swollen quite noticeably, Tarik had sent word to Thomas and a few weeks ago the young boy had visited her. He’d been sweet despite knowing there was not much he could do to be a father to the child he’d promised to make sure money was sent to help take care of the baby. 

 Not that she needed money these days Tarik paid her quite well and provided her with everything she needed, as the birth drew closer he seemed to get more excited about it than she did, he kept going out and buying things for the baby, he’d had a crib built and the baby already had a wardrobe of clothes big enough to rival any of the noble children. 

Tarik had bailed her out when it came to her father too, he’d let Jed think that he had been the one to get his daughter into this state. Despite the fact that now every time Jed saw him he gritted his teeth clenched his fist, there was nothing Jed could do against the Lord or Jasmine. Lords took advantage of serving staff all the time and he could hardly blame Jasmine for that.


 Jasmine walked towards the window coming up behind the chair in which Tarik sat. Gently she stroked his hair, looking up at her he patted her hand and smiled “ how are you today” he said.   “I’m fine” she replied “ worried about you as usual, you really need to get out more, its not healthy for a young man to sit here inside all day everyday”.  

Tarik smiled and shrugged “ I’ve never been one to socialise much, I prefer one on one company”.

 “Then you should invite someone to dinner” she suggested. “ A woman wouldn’t hurt. You could do with finding yourself a wife you are far to young to have settled on being alone”. 

 Tarik chuckled gently squeezing her hand“ I’m not sure id even know what to do with a wife if I had one, besides I don’t see you seeking a husband”. 

Jasmine moved to the chair opposite to rest her weary back “ Don’t be dragging me into this milord.  My circumstances are quite different to yours as you full well” she said trying to emphasise the point by rubbing her belly. “ Besides as half the Peasant fathers in Grimstead can tell you there are no eligible men left, girls my age without a husband now are pretty much doomed to be spinsters”.  

 “So who exactly do you intend I court, then seeing as you are such the expert?”. He joked.


 “Well there’s the Vaux twins I don’t recall either of them being betrothed yet” she answered. 

 “ They are both still at university” Tarik replied.  

Jasmine nodded “ That’s true enough, but you could at least make an effort to speak with Orrick about them make sure he doesn’t marry them both off to boys from university, before they return”. 

Tarik sighed “ I suppose”.

Jasmine laughed “ you could at least sound interested, don’t you want a child to carry on your bloodline?” 

 “A child would be nice” he answered “it’s the wife Im worried about, upsetting my quiet” 

“Well you can’t have one without the other” she said determinedly. “ So its decided then, I’ll send a runner out to invite Orrick to dinner tomorrow evening” 


4 responses to “Dinner Arrangment’s.

  1. I wonder what Tarik will think of the Vaux twins, maybe he should take a look a little closer to home, he does get on very well with Jasmine

  2. Yeah, I think him with Jasmine would be so sweet.
    It’s not like he follows convention so closely so he shouldn’t really have a problem with her peasant status right…right?


  3. Tarik and Jasmine, sitting in a tree!

  4. Ha, she’s so clueless it’s cute. On the other hand she’s right… she’s only a peasant and shouldn’t dream of marrying a lord. Tarik is the one who gets to dream of marrying a peasant if he likes. :-)

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