The Baev’s where a machine, functioning as a coherent unit. Back in the mountains the had been the servants of the house, but now  they were farmers and they had quickly adapted to there new roles.




Working from dawn till dusk every household member had a job and they performed it with clockwork precision. Cenemin and Young Calin fished while the women saw to the crops. If either team finished their work they helped elsewhere until all the jobs where done.

Once the sun went down the family would retire to the house where the women prepared the evening meal and they would spend the evening enjoying each other’s company.

To an outsider they seemed like a strange family, never a cross word to hear, no fights over chores like most families. Cenemin ran a tight ship no messing about, he was not a bad man but in his household his word was law and every family member knew it.

His eldest son Nathaniel had been granted land of his own in Grimstead upon there arrival leaving Cenemin with two daughters and Calin in the house. Although Calin was not Cenemins son by blood he had raised the boy as his own, and with no other sons he would still stand to inherit the farm when Cenemin was gone.

Unlike most men in Grimstead this prospect did not worry Cenemin things had been done differently in the mountains, they had all been raised to believe that all that was important was your upbringing, your mother or father had little to do with blood and everything to do with love.

Cenemin was excited by the new possibilities that now presented themselves to his family, he had two daughters he needed to marry off, the oldest Maria was 22 and it seemed in Grimstead this was old for a young girl to still be single, especially amongst the peasants.

There had been plan’s in the mountains for Tarik and Maria to wed, however Tarik had made the decision to cancel the arrangement now they were free of the curse. Cenemin saw the logic in Tariks decision the families from the mountains where incredibly closely related, as it was a necessity for there survival.

However understanding Tariks reasons did not solve Cenemin’s problems like all fathers in Grimstead he had done his research and had noticed the lack of eligible boys, The nobles where the only ones to have single boys and they where way out of Maria’s or Dorothy’s league.

There was just one single man left in the Village, Jed Farmer. His wife had died over a year ago and Cenemin hoped he was ready to think of taking a new wife and so made plans to invite him for dinner.


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