Little Lives.

Alistair stood torn, he wanted desperately to allow Bellari to try and help but the thought of not baptising the children was almost unthinkable. 

 As if she’d read his thoughts Bellari spoke again, “Alistair we don’t have much time, im sure god will understand.” 

Vui chimed In again “ You must baptise them, they will not be allowed to pass the gates of heaven”.

snapshot_930e9add_7330bb34.jpgBellari frustrated and Irritated by her sister in law, glared at her. “God will understand why they where not baptised, I do not believe he would stop two innocent babes from passing the gates of heaven merely because there father decided against an action that would send them to the gates and instead chose to fight for them and their lives.”

“It is my belief that god sends things like this to try us, he wishes you to fight for your children Alistair prove you are worthy to be their father, please help me fight for them, giving up on them would be such a waste”.

Alistair looked hard at Bellari who look hard back turning to the congregation. “ I’m sorry” he said  “ but Bellari’s right and I know if Kaitlyn was here she would want me to try and save the baby’s” Taking the little girl from Nancy he turned to Bellari “ what do shall we do”. 

 Within an hour Bellari and Alistair had the house in Turmoil, Bellari had the baby’s cot moved from the bedroom down into the living area so it could be near the fire, she had hot water bought in so she could bathe the children who were still dirty from birthing, as Vui had not seen a point in cleaning them up fully.  

With Alistairs permission she gave both children their first feed, using her own milk as to not disturb Kaitlyns rest. As she fed them she used the time to close her eye’s and investigate the situation with the baby’s. 

 Letting her mind float into their bodies as she sat in the chair next to the fire the situation was much better than she had hoped. Both babies where physically well developed, their main difficulties seemed to stem from their lungs which where not quite ready to be breathing air. 

 There was little she could do to remedy that however she was able to fix injuries but not physically alter a person’s natural state. Her main job here would be to keep them alive, not allow their little bodies to give up as well as more mundane things such as keeping them warm. 

Bellari worked though the night, keeping the little ones with her and too everyone’s delight both children made it till morning. Little did they know the little Girl Alistair, had finally called Maegan. Had passed away twice during the night only to be revived again by Bellari who refused to leave their side even for a moment. The little boy Alistair called Duncan was a fighter. He needed very little help from Bellari he wanted to live and fought for each and every breath.  

The next morning the twins had some very special visitors the first their mother, Kaitlyn had finally woken after the herbs Vui had given her and was eager to see her children. As Alistair explained the delicate nature of their condition tears rolled down her face, when she finally entered the lounge she flung her arms around Bellari “ thank you “ she wept.


Bellari smiled handing her son to her. “Your welcome”.  

 A short while later there was a second Visitor Falcon had arrived With Bellari’s own son Mael, Falcon apologised profusely to everyone he passed for the interruption but it seemed the 6 month had been missing his mother and more importantly he’d been missing his mothers milk. 

The next few days passed almost in a blur the whole houses attention focused on the care the twins, Bellari and Mael stayed at the house as she insisting that she stayed close. Each day the twins got stronger until finally Bellari decided the worst was over, and that they were now healthy enough to receive proper Baptism.

2 responses to “Little Lives.

  1. Yay Bellari! As a previous commenter said, she really has grown up wonderfully, hasn’t she?

    And yay for Alistair and Kaitlyn finally getting the children they wanted! They’ve been through so much already. (Only Bellari knows just how much, in fact.)

    And yay for twins! :-D

  2. Oh I’m so happy!!
    I have goosebumps. I love that Bellari saved them. She’s wo wonderful {^_^}


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