Late Night Weeping

Just a few short months had passed since Narrisa had lost the baby. Things with Orion had improved and she soon fell pregnant again. Narrissa was terrified she’d lose this baby too and took extra special care to improve her diet and get plenty of rest.

But after a while the relationship deteriorated again, At first it started with him sleeping downstairs in the study he said it was because he didn’t want to risk harming the baby in his sleep and for a while she accepted it.  

As the pregnancy progressed he started staying out all night with no explanation of where he’d been and Narrisa feared he was seeing another woman, quietly Narrisa ignored it and hoped that it would sort its self out as soon as the baby was born.


The strange behaviour had not gone unnoticed by his parents either, nor had the sounds of Narrisa weeping late at night when she thought no-one would hear her. Despite Sigans attempts to corner the boy to find out what was going on.  He always found a reason to head back to the shop, and Sigans patients was quickly running out.


3 responses to “Late Night Weeping

  1. Love the new layout!

  2. Thanks i thought the dark colour made it easier to see some of the darker photo’s

  3. Actually yeah the photos do look brighter, I wonder what Orion is doing, its a shame Sigans talk didnt do any good

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