Vasyl and Lucy had been looking after the dogs for about a week, and despite Lucy’s original reservations she’d actually enjoyed it, and more importantly she’d enjoyed the time she’d spent with Vasyl. She still needed to remedy her current situation and it played on her mind constantly, without that nagging she could have even said she was happy. Her plan remained unchanged she still somehow needed to get the young man to lie with her so he would think the child was his and with the deadline steadily approaching the one in which no intelligent man could be fooled she worried.  

Once her initial shock of the situation had settled, she had realised the only person she could blame was herself she had been a terrible wife. She could be childish and selfish however she was still one of Henrys children and the integrity he held had been instilled to some degree in her.

 It was easy to fool someone you didn’t care about, someone you barely knew. Now she’d got to know the young man. In the last week the more time she’d spent with Vasyl the more she found she liked him and the more she felt guilt over her plan. Fooling him was wrong she knew. 

She had debated confessing the truth but she lived in a time where such things where unforgivable, she’d got off lucky when Vasyl had agreed to marry her in the first place. When he had found her cheating on him he would have been well within his rights to have her killed, but he hadn’t. However the fury she’d seen that night had convinced her enough that she didn’t want to push his patience further. Now she was pregnant with another mans child too scared to admit the truth.  

Lucy and Vasyl had spent the day with the dogs, they’d taken them for a long walk in the woods and had a picnic it had been a long day and the couple where exhausted arriving home they slumped into the comfort of the sofa.  Lucy laughed “ those dogs are going to be the death of me, I ache everywhere”. 

 Vasyl smiled “ admit it you had fun”. 

 Lucy smiled back “ Yes I did, Im just not sure my body was ready for the exercise”.She said rubbing her shoulder’s.  

“Turn around, ill rub your shoulders” Vasyl offered. 

Lucy smiled shifting her body around on the sofa, she brushed her hair forward over her left shoulder she he could get to her shoulders unhindered.

A few moments passed and Vasyl gently kneaded the muscles in her shoulders, Lucy sighed “ heavenly, you’ve done this before”.  Vasyl smiled “ once or twice” he answered, “Can I undo a couple of these buttons so I can get to the lower muscles?” he asked. 

Lucy nodded as she sat there she felt his hands gently working on her shoulders and back, this would be a perfect time to try and implement her plan she thought.  For the first time she felt nervous trying to seduce a man, this wasn’t one of the eager young boys from university, but her husband and she was doing for entirely the wrong reason’s. 

 As she sat there debating her course of action, wondering if perhaps it was just too wrong, she felt Vasyl lips brush her neck, kissing her softly. “ Don’t” she said almost whispering, feeling them kiss her again. 

Shivers ran up her spine as he continued to nuzzle her neck. normally the men she’d been with where simply after direct gratification. She’d never felt anything like this before it was soft and tender.  She wasn’t sure how far exactly Vasyl planned for it to go but there wasn’t the rush or urgency she was used to.

 She sat their for a moment enjoying the sensation when she felt Vasyls hand undo the last of the buttons on her dress, his hand slipping beneath it onto the bare skin of her stomach.  

His hand moving to her stomach suddenly woke her to the situation, “ Stop” she said more loudly, her hand reaching down the push his away. Turning she started to stand, “I can’t, I’m sorry”.


Vasyl looked confused “ I thought this is what you wanted” He answered.  “ it is” she said “ but I can’t, it’s wrong”.  “Did I do something wrong?” Vasyl asked suddenly worried that he’d made some kind of mistake, he’d only ever slept with Risa the once and that had been a strange experience for the young knight to say the least.  

Lucy’s eye’s began to fill up with tear’s “ no it was .. wonderful. I just want it to be perfect, and if we do it now it won’t be.” Lucy bit her lip hard before she said too much trying to remind herself that she needed for this to happen. 

Vasyl looked at her hooking his hand around the back of head he pulled her forward to kiss her on the lips, when her released her he smiled “Ok we don’t have to, Im sorry. I really didn’t plan for that to happen” he said looking a bit embarrassed. “ lets just sit back down and talk for a while” Lowering him self down back onto the couch waited for Lucy to join him. 

 Stupid girl she told herself, you had him then. Sitting back down next to him she smiled nervously. “ Im sorry” she said, “I don’t know why Im so nervous, Im being silly really”. 

Vasyl smiled “ don’t worry, im a little nervous too” hugging her to him.  

Turning to face him she strained to kiss him “ Can we start again” she asked. 

Vasyl smiled “ are you sure?” 

 Lucy nodded “ I think I was getting a massage, can we go back to that?” she said allowing the still open dress to fall from her shoulders to reveal her naked breasts.  

Vasyl smiled in approval, moving to allow Lucy to sit between his legs, he resumed the massage, after a few minutes had passed Lucy lent back into his arms, and was shocked by the cold of his chainmail. Sitting up suddenly she turned “that is going to have to go, she said smiling”.  Vasyl nodded and stood pulling the chainmail shirt up over his head, when he was done he looked back towards Lucy, who was by now sitting naked on the couch, smiling evilly. “ you might as well take the rest off too” she grinned.  

The young knight complied, feeling rather self conscious having the young girl standing watching him undress. “ should we move to the bedroom?” he asked.


Lucy shook her head “not yet, come back here for now” she said lying down on the couch, Vasyl sat down and joined her within a few minutes they had resumed the slow and steady pace they had already begun.

4 responses to “Hooked

  1. I am glad she is falling for him and loving him as she should but its a shame shes had to fool him into believeing the child she is carrying is his.

  2. This chapter was well done… you did such a good job of expressing Lucy’s growing feelings for her husband, and Vasyl’s tenderness as well. How sad she has to lie to him now! It could have been perfect, as she said. For a minute there I thought she was going to tell him. But somehow I don’t think Vasyl’s growing trust in her could survive that.

  3. I agree, it was well done. You conveyed her feelings very well, as I read I believed she was falling for him. Too bad the love story has to marred by the mischief she got into earlier.

  4. Oh wow, that was indeed beautifully written. I had hoped she would be honest with him but I suppose it’s her fear making her that way. Poor Vasyl, he deserves so much better then that.


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