Lucy sat at the dinner table opposite Vasyl like she did most nights in silence, she’d thought plenty about her situation over the past few days and she thought she had the come up with the best course of action, she just needed to implement it, she had to somehow get Vasyl in bed with her so he would think the child was his.  She’d learnt very early that what worked with most men didn’t seem to work with him, he wasn’t easily tempted by the basic desires of most men. She’d have to attack him from the side she knew he was weakest, she’d spoken to her father plenty about Vasyl and she knew he’d been very disappointed to find out that Risa hadn’t been pregnant, he obviously wanted a family.

 snapshot_930e81f1_1330c121.jpg About Halfway thought the meal she spoke “ Vasyl we need to talk”. 

 Vasyl looked up from his meal “ Yes what about?”. 

 “ I want children” she said very directly.  

Vasyl looked a little confused “ You’ve never shown an interest before? what’s changed?” 

 “I’m bored” she replied “ Stuck in this house all day on my own, I thought perhaps a baby would be nice after all, besides we’ve been married for 8 months people are going to start talking if I show no sign of pregnancy soon”  

Vasyl nodded “ I’d like a child” he replied “ however Im not really sure your ready for it, besides we hardly have the perfect marriage to be bringing children into, you can hardly stand the sight of me”. 

 “Your not that bad” Lucy replied finally actually speaking the truth, in fact over the last month she’d warmed to Vasyl, he was quiet and withdrawn but he wasn’t really a bad man, she could certainly think of worse to be her husband.  

She continued “Besides if we are going to have a marriage we really need to start acting like man and wife, maybe children would give us something to work on together, you know give us something in common.”

 Vasyl nodded “perhaps Im still not sure your ready for it, let me think on it and ill let you know”  

Lucy nodded “ Ok” she’d laid the ground work that was all she could ask for today at least he was thinking about it.  

The next day Vasyl did think about it, a lot in fact. He desperately wanted to believe her, he desperately wanted children. Perhaps she was right they needed a common interest.  

When he arrived home he was feeling very pleased with himself, On the recommendation of Alistair he’d bought home a breeding pair of hunting hounds. These would give them something to work on together a common goal and would give Lucy some company while he was on tour.

 snapshot_930e81f1_d330cc5c.jpg Lucy however didn’t seem as impressed as he’d hoped.” This wasn’t quite what I had in mind she said looking at the dogs.”

“I know” Vasyl explained “ But I thought they would give us something to work on together, perhaps training and taking care of these with help bring us closer together and that way I a few months we may look at having children when we our relationship is in a better state.” 

 “I really was hoping for a baby”  she answered not quite sure how she was going to remedy this situation. 

 “Well we still have plenty of time for that, neither of us is very old we can afford to wait, besides id really like to sort our money worry’s out first, so we can bring up the children comfortably.”

5 responses to “Hounded.

  1. Good going Vasyl, now what will Lucy do?, I hope she doesnt manage to dupe him. Looking forward to the next installment

  2. Yeah, Vasyl is too nice a guy to be tricked. I would hate for her to “get” him that way. And she did ask for something they could work on together. ;)


  3. those doggies are super cute
    :D :D

  4. What kind of doggies did you get??? They’re sooo cute!
    Her dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    Is there something on that name… “Lucy”… The “Lucy”s seem to get pregnant with other men rather often (you might remember Lucy Carpenter in my Kingdom!)

  5. the dogs are the standard foxhounds to get with pets expansion.

    I always find it hard to decide which pets to give which familys.. i try my best to give peasants “working dogs” sheepdogs. german shepards etc .. while nobles i try and give either “show” pets types poodles, corgi’s etc or hunting dogs.. in this case foxhounds.

    atm im tryig to give most familys a breeding pair of something or other … ( alot of my peasants have mixed breeds … for all those lovable mutts ) i want to be able to get rid of my Pet shop soon and just rely on in game sales / gifts.

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