Cold Water.

Alistair made his way into the chapels font. Looking down at the twins the little boy was trying desperately to cry but he lacked the strength between wheezes and all he could manage was a quiet whine. The girls had given up, she just lay there her eye’s barely open struggling for each breath. It was cold in the Chapel Alistair handed the little girl to Nancy the maid, he’s not had time to get the true god parent’s, so household staff would have to do.

snapshot_930e9add_7330ba3e.jpg Lifting the little boy he began to pray suddenly there was a voice from behind him “ I do hope your not planning on dumping, that poor child into that freezing water”.  

Turning Alistair faced off against Bellari who’s only just arrived after her full gallop from the Tavern she was soaking wet from the rain. The look on Alistairs face told her enough to know that was exactly what he’d intended to do. As was traditional in baptism. She shook her head “ Next your going to tell me you intended to fill its mouth full of salt”. 

 Alistair was stunned at the young girls directness “ I was going to baptise them.. before… “ 

 “Well sprinkle little water on their head if you feel the need, but full immersion in that cold water will surely kill them” she said realising suddenly the tone she’d taken with the Prince no less she smiled “sorry, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”  

Suddenly the midwife spoke up “ They are going to die anyway, they must be baptised”.  

Bellari turned to face off against the woman recognising her as one of her brothers sisters “ begging your pardon Vui, But I don’t like to like to say a child is dead until it is actually dead. Alistair with your permission I’d like to try and save your children. I don’t promise anything but if there’s any hope at all I think we should at least try”.


Alistair looked around the congregated staff, it was apparent to the young prince that everyone thought Bellari had gone completely mad, Vui spoke out again. “ I’ve delivered enough babies to know they wont survive, you must Baptise them”  Bellari raised her voice irritated knowing there was a strong chance she could save them if she could get Alistair to let her look, but knowing she couldn’t very well explain that.. “ Vui you have done well to get the baby’s this far, you performed marvellously to get them thought the birth alive when they are so small, but its my turn you must let me do my job now and try and keep them alive”.

Bellari walked forward towards Alistair “ please your highness let us try”  Alistair was torn he looked down at the little boy in his arms he was shivering from the cold in the chapel, Bellari was right to cold of the water would probably kill him. 

He was a god fearing man and he knew the consequences if the baby’s were to die without baptism but at the same time he was a father and his heart screamed at him to take any chance to try and save his children no matter how small.

2 responses to “Cold Water.

  1. Tough choice, surely a little water on the head would count for baptism? Was it really important back then, if you didnt get baptised you went to hell? ( I am glad she is here to help I was wondering whether she might turn up and save the day)

  2. ~cheers loudly~ Bellari to the rescue!!!
    I love Bellari. She’s so great and so smart considering she was a bit of a naive innocent on her wedding day. I love how she has matured. Her father would be proud. {^_^}


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