So Small.

Over an hour passed, and Alistair waited as the midwives dealt with Kaitlyn, pacing back and forth he fretted about the condition of his wife and his unborn child.  He was an intelligent man he knew the chances of the baby surviving so early was slim, however after her last miscarriage he doubted Kaitlyn would ever recover if the worst happened. 

Eventually the door the to bedroom opened and the midwife appeared, looking grim. Alistair upon seeing her face was almost too afraid to ask how his wife had faired.  Shaking her head she said sadly “ Your wife is fine I’ve given her something make her sleep. She delivered the twins well, however I am sorry the baby’s will not survive.”

“They are too small and their body’s ,are not ready to tackle ,the outside world for more than a few minutes, I suggest you baptise them quickly and say your goodbye’s.” With that she bowed her head and pushed the door open so Alistair could enter “Im truly sorry.” 

Alistair entered the room, Lying in the bed sleeping lay Kaitlyn, unaware of the fate of her children, he kissed her softly on the forehead and moved to the crib.


In the crib lay two tiny baby’s, they made tiny wheezing noises as they struggled for breath. Alistair smiled looking down on the first his son lifting him gently out of the crib he held him in his arms rocking him gently back and too, fighting to keep the tears from rolling down his face, he was so perfect his own eye’s staring back at him.


Placing his son back into the crib he turned to his daughter, lifting her up into his arms he cuddled the tiny infant who reached out to grab at him, she had her mothers eye’s he was she would have grown up to be just like her mother, Beautiful.


Holding her Alistair thought of all that could have been, never did a man love his children more than Alistair did at that moment. They where so perfect and so precious saying goodbye was impossible. 

 Carrying one in each arm Alistair made the slow walk down to the chapel to Baptist them, there was no priest on site.He would have to do the job himself.  The news of the babies condition had spread quickly throughout the house, and as Alistair headed to the chapel the members of the household had gathered and respectfully stood to watch, many of the women themselves fighting, to holdback their own tears.

3 responses to “So Small.

  1. Ahh how sad the poor couple, they are really having a tough time of it. ( I couldnt see the middle picture it didnt show up for some reason?) I wonder how Kaitlyn will cope with this second loss

  2. Oh noes…poor Kaitlyn..
    I don’t know how she’ll recover from this one. How sad.. :(


  3. Too sad…hopefully their bodies are stronger than first thought.

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