Damn Him.

It had been just a few short weeks since Vasyl had given her lover a hiding when Lucy realised she was pregnant, damn him she thought, and damn that potion she bought back from university it was supposed to prevent things like this.  

How was she going to fix this? she and Vasyl still had not consummated their wedding vows so she knew it had to be her lovers. If Vasyl found out she was pregnant, before the vows were consummated he’d be well within his right to toss her to the streets.

snapshot_930e81f1_33301c5c.jpg  Damn him, even if she did manage to convince him to sleep with her she’d have to do it quick the consequences if he found out the baby, was not his would be even worse. Damn him, stupid knight and damn that Talon boy for getting her into this situation in the first place stupid peasant.

4 responses to “Damn Him.

  1. I hope she doesnt manage to seduce him and has to face upto the consequence of her actions she is so thoughless it would do her good, I wonder what Vasyl will do once he finds out?

  2. Push her down the stairs? ~cough~ Sorry did I say that out loud?? >.>


  3. Hello, me again. I didn’t realize you updated so much, so a month or so later I check back to find pages and pages for me to read! Can’t say I’m too sorry about the backlog; there were so many intriguing plot twists and witty one-liners.

    I planned to comment on the latest post, but I have to ask—where’s Lucy’s dress from? It’s quite pretty, and it somehow suits her.

  4. it’s just from


    if you hunt around on that sight there is a matching male suit as well ..

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