Too Soon.

Kaitlyn Lurched forward as the wave of pain hit her, it was too soon. She wasn’t due to give birth for over a month a wave of panic consumed her as she shouted out for Alistair.


A moment later Alistair appeared at the bedroom door seeing his wife he ran to her side, trying not to slip on the pool of water at her feet, helping her to the bed.  

Lying her down, he kissed her lightly on the forehead “ it will be ok I’m going to go and get the midwives, don’t move”. Turning to leave.  

Kaitlyn caught his arm “It too soon she said sobbing though the pain”.


Alistair shook his head “ it will be fine, our baby is a fighter like it’s mother”. Running he headed to the guard house to send for the midwives, they where supposed to be on sight at the manor ready for the labour but it was so soon, they weren’t due till the end of the week. 

 Grabbing a gate guard Alistair sent him to get the midwives, hoping Kaitlyn would be ok till he returned. the guard nodded in understanding mounting a horse he rode off as quickly as he could.  

Alistair grabbed a second guard and ordered him to ride as fast as he could to the tavern to get Bellari she was the closest thing Grimstead had to a doctor and he feared the baby would need her, it was a long shot the tavern was a couple of hours travel away even at full gallop but he had to try.

Turning he rushed back into the house and back the bedroom where Kaitlyn was lying, sobbing. Every now and again a contraction would hit her and she’d scream in pain.

“Ok lets get your dress off” Alistair said, leaning his wife forward so he could get to the laces.  “Geeze, do you ever think of anything else” Kaitlyn tried to joke, but the fear and pain consumed her and she broke down sobbing.

Pulling her dress up over her head Alistair sat on the bed pulling Kaitlyn into his shoulder “ It will be ok” he said hoping he sounded more confident than he felt.

Suddenly Alistair yelped in pain as another contraction hit Kaitlyn she dug her nails into his leg drawing blood. “Ouch” he said trying to release her grip on his leg. “I’m not the enemy remember “ but Kaitlyn wasn’t hearing him the pain was too great.


2 responses to “Too Soon.

  1. Poor Kaitlyn I hope she makes it (since you posted that one of your main characters has been given the death sentence by your death calculator I can’t help looking at your different characters and wondering who it will be!,) she has had a tough time with babies so far. She needs Ballari but with her so far off I wonder if she will arrive in time to be of any use? I love that maternity dress she is wearing its gorgeous

  2. Arg… yeah I hope she wasn’t one of the death calculator ones. Eeek..

    And the dress really is amazing. Can I ask where you got it from?

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