Vasyl’s New Wife.

Vasyl married Lucy the in early spring, it had been a simple wedding as Lucy wasn’t very enthusiastic about it in the first place and Vasyl didn’t want to infuriate the young girl further.  Marriage however did not curb her rebellious ways and within weeks of their marriage Vasyl caught a young man sneaking out of the back door to their home when he returned a day early from a tour of duty.


 Vasyl was furious, he caught the man and beat him within inch’s of his life. Forcing Lucy to watch, in a hope that somewhere in her body the girl would care about the consequences of her actions. 

 After that day Vasyl hired guards for his home, it was not normal for one of his class to have guards on the property but he felt they where needed if he was to unsure his wife, stayed his alone.  

Although Henry paid him well,  hiring guards for his land cost the young knight more than his salary could comfortably afford. He was force to cut back on a lot of the comforts Lucy was accustom too including the hired help forcing Lucy to do the housework herself.  

 Lucy would be allowed female friends to visit but all male visitors workmen or friends would be closely watched. Lucy hated this scrutiny of her behaviour and complained about it loudly. Vasyl had explained that the guards would disappear as soon as she proved she could be trusted. 

 Vasyl knew this was not the perfect way to start a marriage, the animosity it caused in the early days was very apparent however the last thing Vasyl needed was for this wife to ruin his reputation further. 

 The bedroom was another area he encountered problems, that where quite the opposite to those created by Risa, Lucy was more than willing in that area it was Vasyl who refused to consummate their wedding vows. 

 He said that he would as soon as Lucy wanted to for the right reasons, he would not simply be one in a long line of conquest’s on her part. When she was ready to settle down and be a wife in every sense of the word then he would share her bed and play father to her children.

One response to “Vasyl’s New Wife.

  1. Wow, sounds like he’s seriously putting her in check. {O_O}
    I like it. I think she needs it. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


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