Tarik Settles

Tarik had gone for a ride, things where settling for the young man his people had settled well into Grimstead, Albert Howard was preparing to wed, Nathaniel and Laura where expecting their first child since leaving the mountain’s all in all things where going well.

Tarik had settled well into his new house, he was slowly growing accustomed to the quiet and as long as he didn’t poison himself to death with his own bad cooking he’d be fine. 

 He’d thought of his love for Bellari a lot since his freedom, he’d debated fighting for her affections, while he was trapped he had told himself they where foolish infatuations and that nothing could ever come of them. 

Now he was free from the curse and living down in Grimstead, the opportunity to practically pursue the young girl was available to him. He’d visited the tavern on many occasions to see her, but as the months had passed he realised more each time how happy she was in her life with Falcon and how much the couple where in love.

So he’d set aside his feeling having no intentions of interfering with the couple, he was only 26 and he still had time, perhaps he would find himself someone to love in Grimstead.   

For now however he decided to concentrate on his duty’s of being the lord of his new land. Like Albert however his biggest challenge was learning to live alone, household chores where a mystery to him and the simplest of jobs tried the young mans skills.

He debated asking Maria Baev to move up to the house as a maid however he worried about how the young girl would take the offer.  While trapped it had been decided as a matter of practicality she would carry  the first of Tariks children, and he knew she was quite fond of him, he didn’t want to give her  the wrong impression.

The was nothing wrong with Maria, but she simply did not appeal to Tarik and he hoped she would find a man in Grimstead. Besides now they where free what the families needed more than anything else was new blood.   


One response to “Tarik Settles

  1. I am glad Tarik is going to leave Bellari alone and I hope he finds some other young lady from Grimstead to settle down with.

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