Orion comes down to Earth.

Narrisa had gone into labour during the early hours of the morning, Orion had been more bothered that her screams of pain had disturbed his sleep, knocking his mother awake he took his blankets and moved the couch.




 The labour continued into mid morning but Orion did not let it prevent him from heading out to the shop. Returning late in the afternoon he walked straight passed his mother and father to the study.

  Sigan and Lucy stood dumbfounded as they watched there son walk past without even enquiring as to how his wife or child had done. Thinking perhaps he would just put his books to one side and return.  They waited expectantly the minutes passed and looking at one another Lucy pushed Sigan into following his son.  Sigan entered the study to find his son working busily, “Orion we need to talk”.  

“Can’t it wait ?” Orion answered. 

“Not really your wife went into labour this morning and you haven’t even enquired after her”.


Orion stood “ oh yeah I forgot “ he answered “ Tell her ill take the baby to be baptised in the morning before work, she can name it”.   Sigan looked sadly “ Orion the baby did not make it, your daughter did not survive the birthing”.  

Orion shrugged “ Oh “ he said “well it was only a girl, it saves me a job in the morning” turning he went to sit back down at his books. 

 Sigan caught him by the shoulder spinning the boy back around. “ Pardon?, Your wife needs you, now go and see to her she is very upset”.  

Orion sighed “ can’t my mother do it?. 

Sigan could not believe the reaction of his son, Sigan had hardly led the most goodly life but he was not an evil man he had learnt from his wrong doings. The mistakes he had had in his youth where because he’s simply not thought of the consiquences or who he was hurting. His son simply seemed not to care.  “Orion Im not going to tell you again, go and see to your wife she needs you.” Orion huffed stomping towards the door.  

Catching him by the arm Sigan span him around again not quite finished with the boy. “I have witnessed your treatment of that poor girl, over the passed months and I sware it stops now.. go and be a husband, and be a good one or I promise you I will kick you out on your backside without 2 copper pieces to rub together” 

 Orion’s face dropped “ you can’t do that, I built that business up from nothing, with my own money”  

Sigan looked at his squarely “ No!!! you built that business up with your wife’s money, but as the head of the household it is still mine until I deem it otherwise, don’t push me boy.. love her and treat her well she needs you”.

3 responses to “Orion comes down to Earth.

  1. Hoorah for Sigan, he certaintly has reformed. Lets hope that chat has the desired effect

  2. What is Orion’s problem??!!
    He seems to have the good of his uncle who worked really hard. But at the same time he has his fathers characteristics in his uncaring attitude towards his wife. Nicole certainly has changed Sigan’s attitude.


  3. Wow.. is Orion autistic or something. Or what is that lesser form of autism… oh yeah Asberger’s syndrome. It sounds like he is just totally disconnected with reality.

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