Loveless Marriage’s

Jaedyn and Abagael sat in there room enjoying a little quiet time. It had been a couple of months since Bran’s strange proposal. Jaedyn had received Gabriels letter a few weeks ago and although she’d initially been mortified hearing that her betrothed didn’t think he would ever love her the initial shock had subsided.  She hadn’t decided what to do about it yet. she knew the marriage would be expected to go ahead regardless noble marriages where often matters of politics’ and this would be expected to be no different, it disappointed her she’d hoped to have more than a marriage of convenience but like all the royal children she knew her duty.  

Jaedyn smiled “ So have you decided what your going to do about Bran yet?”  

Abagael shrugged “ I just don’t know what is problem is, he says he wants to marry me, but it just seems weird. where great friends, we laugh and joke all the time but every time I ask for any show of affection he backs off saying to wouldn’t be appropriate until where married”. 

 “Well maybe that’s all it is, he’s going to be the head of his household when his father dies, and being only merchant class he’s concerned about the correctness of the relationship until he’s spoken with your father”.  

Abagael sighed “ Im not asking for much, I have no wish to follow in Lucy’s footsteps. A hug, holding hands any sign that he feels that way for me would do, he could at least make an attempt to court me”. 

“ Well we’ve only go 6 months left will you marry him regardless?” 

“ oh I don’t know, I suppose. If I don’t Im going to end up married to a 14 year old boy and that prospect is even worse” 

 Jaedyn laughed “ At least we can both be locked in loveless marriages, I’m kind of glad I wont be alone”.  

“ Hey your not supposed to wish these things on me.  Some sister you are” Abagael Laughed.

2 responses to “Loveless Marriage’s

  1. I think I feel sorrier for Abagael I wonder whats up with Bran, very intriguing. Now Gabriel has given up on Helena maybe he can grow to love Jaedyn in time

  2. He is sooo gay. I mean, Abagael is so pretty and nice and he’s so clueless. It can’t be that he doesn’t notice. I mean come on!


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