Talon’s Curse

The screams could be heard halfway across the kingdom when Aurora Talon went into Labour, Aaron her husband had been working out in the fields running quickly he’d gotten Bellari his sister in law and the midwife.  

Waiting patently downstairs as the birthing was conducted in the loft, he knew when it was over “ Aaron !!!! “ Aurora yelled “ get your butt up here”.


Aaron smiled at least it seemed the birth had not effected her too badly if she still had strength to yell, heading up the loft ladder to their sleeping loft.  

When he arrived he beamed seeing not one but three screaming baby’s lying on the bed “ This is entirely your fault” she said looking a little pale but none the worst for wear after the ordeal.

Aaron laughed moving over he kissed his wife who’d managed to stand  who considering she’d jest given birth to triplets was looking surprisingly well.


 “Well you knew what you where getting when you married me ”he laughed “multiple births run in my family”.   “Well you can work out how to raise them” she said defiantly, “because I’m going back to work”.

 Aaron laughed “don’t worry love we’ll sort something out, however more urgently I’m going to have to run down to the carpenters and have extra crib’s made up”.  

Aurora shook her head the thought of one baby had worried her the thought of raising three positively terrified her. “ Well are you going to name?” she asked.  

Aaron looked towards Bellari for some kind of clue, Bellari chucked. “two sons and a daughter” she replied then pointing to one of the little boys “ This one is your first born”. 

Aaron nodded proudly “Ok then he will be Koen , the other will be Phelan and the little girl we shall call Erin”.


5 responses to “Talon’s Curse

  1. Ahh sweet little babies, what gave you the idea for the name Erin?

  2. errrrm … it sounds pretty.

  3. Ahh I see, I named one of my Princess’s after my sister Erin (irish name) she likes appearing in the stories or will when she grows up from a baby.

  4. i use http://www.babynamesworld.com

    i tend to pick a “origin” for each family and then pick a random page .. and look for a pretty not to modern sounding name from there hehe

    All three names are gaelic.

  5. Hurray for multiple bubbies!

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