All Work …

Barely 17  Orion had re-opened the Carpenter’s shop Jonas and Sigan had started on their arrival in Grimstead, business was steadily improving and although money was tight he was starting to see a return on his initial investment.


 Orion had married a young local girl and they both lived at home with his mother, father and the twins. It had been an arranged marriage made simply because she came with a large dowry with which he could set up the business.  

 Although at first the novelty of having a wife was fun, it had quickly grown stale and she was quickly neglected like a child with a toy they’ve grown bored with,.  

Nerissa complained constantly about the long hours he work, wanting him to spend more time at home with her, but mostly her complaints fell on deaf ears. He’d managed to get her pregnant but sometimes she wondered if he’d noticed even that.

snapshot_73227a64_f32c0949.jpg  Narrissa got on well with Orion’s mother Lucy, and was glad for her company during the day, helping with the twins Narrissa quickly learnt about motherhood and was eager for the day her own baby would be born.


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