Little Worry’s.

Jasmine sat at the edge of the pond biting her finger nails, her stomach churning.



It was the first day of her monthly bleed, but it hadn’t come. she knew she was being silly worrying about it sometimes it was normal for girls to be a  few days out.  

 Her best friend Holly never knew if she was coming or going and her body gave her all sorts of trouble once she’d been 8 weeks late, without incident.  Jasmines ran everything like clockwork and her body was no different including that. Every 28 days she bled.. on the dot. no messing about.  

Holly had gone now too she’d been sent to University a few months ago and now Jasmine was alone with her father and sisters, playing mother to the youngest Rose. So she didn’t even have anyone to talk too.  She picked up a rock violently hurling it against a tree as if it had some how betrayed her, she wouldn’t be in this mess if she hadn’t been so stupid. 

She took a deep breath, she’d only done it once, she couldn’t possibly be with child, you couldn’t get pregnant the first time could you?  A tear rolled down her cheek what if she was? How would she explain it to her father it wasn’t like she could even explain which boy it had been, she couldn’t even remember his name. 

Stupid girl she thought, it was such an out of character thing to do, she’d always dreamt of saving herself for the man she would marry, how had things got so horribly out of control.  It had been the day of her birthday and she had been sitting out by the lake, thinking about her mother it was the first birthday she’d spent without her. Her mother had always made a big fuss of birthdays making a cake and decorating the house with flowers and anything else she could find, her mother had always said birthdays where something to celebrate but that day she hadn’t felt like celebrating much of anything.  

He’d ridden up on his horse, he’d been handsome and well dressed. he’d come and sat next to her taking off his shoes and socks dipping his feet into the cool water, they’d talked for a while, he must have been a noble she thought.  They spent the whole day together he treated her like a queen, just like a fairytale.. in the evening he’d built a small fire and he’d held her in his arms as they talked… then he kissed her for the first time she’d never been kissed before it was magical or so she thought.   He’d not forced her to do anything but things from there had progressed to a point she now regretted, as was evident from her current state of panic.

2 responses to “Little Worry’s.

  1. oh dear the follies of youth, thats not gonna make it any easier for her to find a husband. I wonder who the culprit was

  2. Hmm, a noble. I am soo curious.

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