Anything for a Quiet Life.

Henry was more disappointed than he’d ever been in his life when he got the report back from Vasyl about Lucy’s behaviour, she had disgraced him and herself with her behaviour in University, He was just glad that Vasyl still agreed to marry her.

 When she returned he send her straight to live of Vasyl’s estate, he’d asked for a waiting period and he’d get it but Henry was so angry with her right now he feared he’d something he would live to regret if she were to move back to the castle.  

 He’d always tried to instil a sense of decency in his children, they where members of the royal family appearance meant everything and Lucy had let herself, the family and her kingdom down with her behaviour.  

 For the most part Henry’s life was starting to calm down, Alistair was settled into his marriage to Kaitlyn with a baby on the way, Alistair had always made Henry proud and he was sure he’d make a fine king one day. 

  Jaedyn was betrothed to the other of the Hamdun twins Gabriel and despite her initial fears she’d seemed to settle into the idea. He had planned to betroth Lucy to Valdemar Beamount securing the relations with that family, she was 2 years old but he’d been optimistic the family would see past the age difference however after her current behaviour he could no long make that arrangement. Vasyl would give Lucy a good life he was confident, he was more worried about what Lucy would do to Vasyl.  

The house was much quieter now Henry just had his remaining two sons at home Thomas and Daniel. It was strange for the first time since he’d been king his wife wasn’t pregnant and there where no screaming baby’s in the castle.




 Annabella was not enjoying the quiet however and she’d already started to harass him about moving Kaitlyn and Alistair back up to the main castle saying she wanted to be near Kaitlyn to help with the pregnancy.


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