Winning over Bran.

Jaedyn had been a little disappointed when Gabriel left, she’d hoped for some whirlwind romance perhaps even a kiss to remember him by, she kept trying to tell herself that he was just being a gentleman and that if he had of kissed her it would have been improper, but she was disappointed all the same.

 However at least now she knew what to expect when she returned to Grimstead, at least he seemed nice and kind, she had started to worry he was going to be like peter but he wasn’t and now she felt a little more confident that getting married might not be so bad after all.  

Abagael had already set her sights on Bran the new boy in the house, they seemed to get on splendidly and a friendship bloomed very quickly.  However she was having difficulty getting the relationship to progress, every time she touched him he pulled away, she wasn’t sure the reason.   She knew she had to be careful she didn’t want to do anything to shame herself, Lucy said she should just kiss him and see what happened but then again Lucy had never quite worked out what it was to be a lady.

He almost treated her as if she were a male friend, her laughed and joked but no matter how hard she hinted he didn’t seem to understand she was interested.  

One afternoon she and Bran sat quietly in the study playing chess, talking about nothing important as usual. “ Bran, what do you plan to do when you leave university ”Abagael spoke.




Leaning back I the chair he sighed “ Im not sure yet, get a job I suppose”  “what about a wife?” she asked. 


 Bran shrugged “ I guess, I suppose” 

 “You make it sound like a chore” Abagael laughed. 

 Bran smiled “ Not a chore no, I just haven’t really thought about it, Back at the castle I wasn’t really given much choice as to who to take as my bride” 

 “Will your father let you choose for yourself now?” 

 Bran shrugged “ I guess so I haven’t really discussed it with him”. 

“Do you have a preference?” Abagael asked biting her lip.  

Bran looked confused “ preference?” 

“Yeah seeing as you get to pick for yourself not surely you have your eye on someone?” she said shuffling nervously. 

“Not really, I don’t really know that many people in Grimstead yet” he answered. 

Abagael laughed nervously  “Well there are four available women in this house, anyone here?”

“Not really” he answered “ I’ll probably just let my father choose for me, I don’t really care to be honest” Standing he turned to leave “ I’m going for a bath I’ll see you later, perhaps I’ll even let you win at chess this evening”.  

2 responses to “Winning over Bran.

  1. What a slap in the face for Abagael, poor girl.

  2. Whoa, he is completely clueless. Porr Abaegel.


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