Henry sighed “ I’m very disappointed, what I can’t understand is why you though the only option was to kill him?”. 

“I understand what your saying about the law not covering this, but really Orrick we have been friends for a long time did you honestly not think that if you bought him to me and explained the situation I would not do something?” 

“Am I such a monster you thought I would allow such a man to go free? taking the girls with him?” 

Orrick looked stunned, he’d not thought about it at the time but he knew Henry was right, Henry would have taken action if he’d have asked. 

 Henry continued. “I’ve spent the last 24 hours gathering information on this man, ive personally spoken to the girls and to Lynette. I’ve spoken to neighbour’s and friends did you know Lynette even wrote a letter 2 months ago and gave it to the farmers girl for you, because she knew he would kill her eventually”.  

“No your highness I did not” Orrick responded, “ To be honest I’m still confused as to why she didn’t come and tell me what was happening” 

“Good” Henry exclaimed “So you know how I feel then,”  

“This man did not just beat the girls, he’d killed both their mothers, and was committing other acts, which in my mind, and the mind of the church, a man has no place doing to his daughters.” 

“ I didn’t know “ Orrick muttered “ I only knew what I saw that night”. 

 “ and yet “ Henry continued “ Based on what you saw that night, you deemed it enough to take matters into your own hands. Defy our laws regardless, of the consequences and kill a man” 

 “Yes your highness” Orrick replied. 

 Henry shook his head “ I honestly don’t know whether to punish or commend you, you did what you thought was right at the time, you followed your heart and your moral judgment, knowing full well it could cost you your own life”. 

 “Yes your Highness” Orrick replied again. 

 Henry took a deep breath “ and yet in doing so you defied our laws, something you yourself as bound to uphold, and what is worse you disappointed me. You had the man unconscious you could have bought him to me and we could have dealt with it together” 

“Im not going to punish you for killing a man, because as far as I can tell he was never a man to begin with. Just know I am very disappointed Orrick, I am disappointed as your king and even more disappointed as your friend, You may leave”.

Orrick breathed a sigh of relief standing “ Thank you your highness” he turned to leave. 

“One last thing “ Henry called after him, Orrick turned “ Do you think if its not too much trouble you could try and go for the next 20 years without killing someone?”  

Orrick smiled weakly “ I’ll do my best Your Highness”.

3 responses to “Verdict.

  1. I hope thats the last of Orricks killing spree, he seems a quiet type but obviously has a vicous temper when roused.

  2. Good decision Henry. I don’t know though, given the right circumstances Orrick will probably do it again if he had to. A medieval vigilante. :)

  3. phew!

    Btw… I love the new look of your site… v. cool!

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