ok im writing this just for those who are abit more interested in how I do things. If you want to ask any technical questions etc this is the thread to look for J

I use a million and one hacks I’m pretty much addicted to them, I spend half my life saying I don’t need anymore .. and the other half hunting for more. I also use a spreadsheet type program which decides deaths for me, I roll once per year.. once I know who is going to die I write the plot around that.. occasionally I’ll kill someone off myself but mostly it’s the spreadsheet’s fault !!!!

Drysten for example was chosen by the spreadsheet…. not me…. sorry .. have to admit that was a toughie to follow through he was always one of my favourite characters, the poor farmers son was also chosen by the spreadsheet .. as was Kaitlyns baby.. * sob *  

Miach however was my doing… cause he was a bad bad man !!! I’ve just rolled 1028’s death … and I think I can safely say im gonna do some crying this year.. I wont tell you who cause it would ruin the surprise but it makes me sad to think about it.

I’d like to be really true to medieval mortality rates but simply put writing such a grim story would really put the readers off. I don’t allow whoohoo in the game there is only try for a baby.. but I have a hack which alters the % chance of getting pregnant to around 20%, which at least means I don’t have to write stuff like infanticide into my game as a regular thing.. which in fact it was in medieval times.. unwanted babys where simply killed.. it wasn’t considered murder unless the father had accepted the child into the family.

There is also the issue of  infant mortality rates and deaths to women during pregnancy / childbirth  I’d love to be true to medieval times but as 20% of woman died in childbirth and 50% of children didn’t make it to 12 months old.. that too is alittle bit grim even for me and  as people know im not scared of killing people off :P

The spreadsheet i use however does take into account pregnant women and young babys are usually the first to be hit by it.  

8 responses to “Waffle

  1. I hope it isnt Ballari thats gonna die, thanks for the info on how you do things, I do like your death calculator I might use it I cant bear to decide who dies unless there nasty. Pat only died as she was a maid for one of the noble houses and got stuck in a loop and by the time I had rescues her she died
    Do you have any trouble with the hacks you use? Do you know of any that arent compatible?

  2. i’ve got off really easy hack wise, they have never caused me any trouble …
    I once got a piece of dodgy CC though … a bath it kept causing my game to crash at a global level… stupid thing and it took days to go though each item in my downloads folder till i found it.

    I learn’t from that though, now i have special folder in my downloads that everything i download go’s into … so i can play with it in the game for a few days to test it works., before its moved to my main folder.

    Im addicted to Inteen though and waiting for that to get updated for seasons almost killed me.

    my current biggest decision is actually to do with maids.. i have Nancy who is the kings maid and her husband whos a knight pottering around the kings house.

    But i need one for alistair, kaitlyn doing the dishes is just wrong … hehe.. but i can’t decide who to send, because who ever it is really isn’t gonig to have much of a family of thier own, because as i found with naney having 2 couples trying to raise a family in one house is a total nightmare.

    The current options are

    Taye clara’s daughter.. i really dont like this sim so i don’t mind her having no family, but i kinda have a plot line in mind for her.

    Jasmine, the farmers daughter.. but she’s currently playing mum to rose after her mum died,im not sure how jed will cope without her. also i really like her abit to much to dump her in a house to play maid.

    Lastly – Dorothy she’d one of the new lot from the mountains but again it seems bad story wse for henry to put a stranger in with the hier.

    so i really can’t decide… also im having trouble working out who’s goning to marry who out of the current bunch … i have a serious excess of teenage girls.

  3. you could ship some teenage girls off to convent or have them stay in the families as maids….

    did you make the spreadsheet yourself or where did you find it? i’d be interested to see that.

  4. LoopyLuce made the origional one, i modified it to better suit my needs.

    here’s where to find my version


    its called sims book of deathclean.

    in my kingdom its killing about 2-3 sims each time i use it ( once per year )

  5. Is it possible to have your modified version of the hack that allows you to specify the length of days you want for each age of life. I was condisering which ages I wanted to use and the tansitons you chose seemed a really good idea. I know I can download it myself and Sim PE but not havng used this before and not knowing how easy it is, I wondered if I could just have the modified one you play with it would save me time figuring everything out from scratch.

  6. Hmmm could do would do but people get all upset when you post thier hacks on your website :(

    And the person who posted the hack specifically asked for it not to be re-distuibuted and i don’t wanna get told off. :(

    but it is REALLY REALLY easy i promise just follow the guide that comes with the hack im a total noob and i managed it.

  7. Well you can post a link to where you got it, right? So we can download the hack from the original creator’s site?

  8. Yup heres the link .. i posted it on another thread, so i never thought of addiing it again but here we re :)


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