The months passed and Kaitlyn condition didn’t improve, Alistair despaired everything he said or did was wrong.  He’d begun his duty in the military and although Grimstead was not that large tours often could keep him away from home for a few days at a time.

 Even though there where always guards on the estate and Nancy visited several times a day to cook and clean he was worried about leaving Kaitlyn alone. He decided to buy her a dog, something large that could protect her, but would also be able to keep her company he decided.

However what he got was, as usual not precisely what he’d expected Otis was a doofus, a cowardly one at that, he was far more likely to lick and intruder to death rather than chase him off. However Kaitlyn loved him and he loved Kaitlyn, pretty quickly Alistair had been replaced as the man in Kaitlyn’s life.


However during the next few months Alistair saw a marked improvement in Kaitlyn, Otis refused to let her get down with all his attention seeking antic’s and eventually the old Kaitlyn began to shine though, marked most notably by her acceptance of Alistairs advanced in the bedroom.

One Evening Alistair was sitting quietly reading in the parlour, when Kaitlyn burst into the room, proudly displaying a new dress. “Look” she exclaimed “ what do you think does it suit me??” 

Alistair looked up briefly, before he returned to the book “ Yes dear it’s blue, very nice”   Kaitlyn tore the book from his grip hitting him playfully over the head with it “ not the dress doofus , and you call Otis stupid“. 

Alistair shook his head as he watched Kaitlyn dance about the room “ well stand still then so I can see, what am I supposed to be looking at?” he laughed.


Kaitlyn stood still and gently flattened her dress, particularly in the area of her stomach. “ So ?” she asked.

Alistair looked for a second suddenly noticing the distinct bulge “ I think that dress makes you look fat” he said flatly trying to hide his smirk.   

Kaitlyn’s jaw dropped “ You are useless “ she said. 

Unable to hide his smile any longer Alistair leapt from the seat lifting Kaitlyn off her feet and spinning her around “ Im so proud of you, you look beautiful, when are you due?” 

Kaitlyn grinned “ next spring, are you happy”

Alistair didn’t need to answer, pulling Kaitlyn close he kissed her

2 responses to “Doofus

  1. I am so glad she is happier and pregnant again I hope the baby makes it this time.

  2. Ah, let’s hope Belari’s surgery helped and she will carry this one full term!

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