Albert fumbled around the market stall he really wasn’t sure what he was looking for, he’d never had to do his own cooking before, living as one large family in Darkfire castle had always meant there was a woman about to do theses things for him.

snapshot_d322af22_b3251ac1.jpg  Tarik had given him some coins to buy food with, he knew in theory what to do, and Tarik had given him a rough idea what each coin was worth but in truth he still felt very lost. There where so many people at the market all hussling and bustling the panic rising in Albert, he was the oldest of those that came down from the mountains but still he’d never been out in public before his family where trapped many generations before he was born. 

 Tarik had provided him with a small cottage and money but the old man still felt very lost and alone, his two youngest children where far away and his daughter had her own problems to deal with, like working out how to provide for her children in the real world. He’d never been alone before there was always someone close by in the castle, and the feeling was very uncomfortable. 

He’d just about given up when a woman tapped him on the shoulder, spinning almost in blind panic Albert turned to face her, she was about his age and she had kind eye’s smiling. “ are you ok? “ she asked.

snapshot_d322af22_d3251b8d.jpg  Albert stunned by her directness, smiled nervously “ Im fine thank you, I was just leaving” 

“Your one of the men that came down from the mountains aren’t you?” she asked.

 “ Im Clara by the way I live up on the Beumont estate”  

Albert looked about nervously trying to keep calm, panic setting in. “ Yes I am “ he answered “ I’m Albert”. 

Clara smiled sensing the old mans panic “ Well I’ll leave you but If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask”  

Pull yourself together man Albert told himself “ Actually” he answered “if you could help me pick out some food I’d be grateful, I have some coins”  

Clara smiled “ No problem”.

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