Risa’s Baby.

It had been 2 months since the assassination attempt and Henry sat in his chamber he’d called for Vasyl to discuss Risa, he’d held off on her execution after her claims of pregnancy giving Vasyl the chance to at least be a father.  Henry liked Vasyl a lot, he wasn’t sure the man had what was required to reach the top of the knighthood as he sometimes lacked the confidence to lead.  When Vasyl arrived they spent a few moments in discussion about Vasyls work in the kingdom, since the incident with Risa the young knight had worked especially hard to earn the trust back he had lost. 

 This hard work coupled with the extraordinary loyalty to his King, in bringing his own wife into custody had proven to Henry the young knight who had already earned the right to his own land back in his home kingdom, had earned the same right in Grimstead.  

“So what do you think?” Henry asked after giving Vasyl the offer, the land Henry had picked out was very small in comparison to the other lords properties but it did have a lot of potential and room for expansion.”


Vasyl was stunned “ Thank you your highness, I am deeply honoured by your offer, but I am afraid I must refuse”   Surprised by his objection Henry ask “ Why, is the land not suitable?”  “ No… No… Your highness that patch of land would be very acceptable, but I am afraid I can not accept, forgive my bluntness but I could not it in my right min accept a full title and land based on my current actions, although I know what I did was for the good of my king and county I simply could not bring up my child on land I earned by hauling his mother to her execution”.  

Henry nodded understanding the young mans objections “ About that “ he said “ Risa has been under lock and key for two months now, and I am sad to inform you that still she still shows no sign of  this pregnancy she seems insistent on “ 

 Vasyl nodded “ yes I was afraid on that “ he said clearly disappointed “ Is the doctor sure?” 

 “ The docter hasn’t seen her, Drystens refused all contact with his daughter, however her sister Ballari is now training under her father has been, and examined her and she is sure there is no sign of a baby” 

 Vasyl nodded “ Very well, I suspected as much, she only allowed me to share her bed once and that was the evening she poisoned the princess, I thought it was a little early for her to know but I am afraid I am no expert on such matters. If Bellari is sure there is no child you may do with her what you wish”  

Henry nodded “ I have already scheduled her execution “ “Is that all your highness?”  he said standing

Henry nodded “ Are you sure you wont re-consider the land?. 

 Vasyl bowed deeply “ Yes your highness, keep it for me. and maybe when I have done something we are both proud of you can offer it again.

4 responses to “Risa’s Baby.

  1. Wow Risa will be executed but she does deserve it she caused that little farm boys death and would have claimed more lives if she hadnt been found out. I hope Vasyl is able to prove himself again and gain that land. He has had a tough ride, whatever Risa was like it cant have been easy to bring her into the King and know she will be executed

  2. Phew… finally caught up… now I have to wait with everyone else for updates. Not that it seems we have to wait long… it is awesome that you update so frequently =)

  3. Vasyl is such an honorable knight. What a shame he got stuck with Risa. I guess that’s where his lack of confidence to lead (and maybe a lack of insight into other people’s motives) got him into trouble.

    I hope he can do something he feels proud of. A king needs good knights like him.

  4. Yeah, she’s a crazed one and must be destroyed lest she infect the beautiful land of Grimstead with her poisonous mind and wicked ways. {^_^}


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