Do what you must.

Alistair knelt in the church and prayed, prayed that Kaitlyn would find the strength to recover, physically she had recovered from the poison and miscarriage well however mentally she was in shatters, she’d even lost the will for her usual complaining. Most days she would sit quietly in the parlour reading or watching the world out of the window.

snapshot_52e34be9_731e6fbe.jpg Alistair knew while the rest of the kingdom blamed Risa for the miscarriage, she blamed herself. She’d often been heard in prayer asking for her dead child’s forgiveness believing it had sensed she was unsure that, she was wanted it.  

Just then Alistair turned to find Father Mathew walking down the aisle towards him. Stopping as he reached him, the bishop smiled “ I see your deep in prayer again young prince, I have been seeing an awful lot of you in here recently is there anything I can help you with? Perhaps something to confess?.

 Alistair shook his head “No father nothing to confess, not today anyway, Im just worried for my wife”  Father Mathew took a seat next to Alistair “ is she sick?”  

“Not really, she’s very upset after losing the baby and I’m not sure how best to help her” Alistair Explained.


It’s been two months now, have you not thought perhaps giving her another child to think about may help to take her mind off the one she’s lost?”   Alistair shrugged “ she won’t let me near her at the moment, she always seems to find an excuse”  

Father Mathew shook his head “ This will not do Alistair she is your wife it is her duty to you and to god to bare you children, she is committing a grave sin in refusing intercourse without good reason” 

 “ I know father, but I can not bare to force the matter upon her”  

Farther Mathew looked gravely at Alistair “ But you must, by not pressing the matter when you know full well, there is no legitimate physical reason for her refusal, you yourself are sinning.”

“I know father” Alistair said appologetically 

“I insist you go home and speak with your wife, if she will not listen to reason do what you must, but I expect to hear news of a royal pregnancy very soon”.  With a nod of the head Alistair was left alone.

2 responses to “Do what you must.

  1. Ouch. I guess that’s the opinion of the Church on the matter, but that’s rather cold advice. I hope if Alistair takes it he will find a way to “press the matter” and still be gentle or his wife might stop trusting him entirely.

  2. Yes, I agree with Lothere. If he does something not so nice, she would hate him again. And we really don’t want that. :/


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