Two man Miracle

Bellari fought with herself her instincts as a noble woman and as a mother told her to try to correct the princess’s defect, and yet her head told her it was too risky, she’d already done enough. 


Closing her eye’s again she let her vision drift looking for some kind of sign that would help her in her decision. Cutting the wall would indeed make the whole chamber bigger, but that would kill the princess and Bellari was in no way confident she could bring her back. 

Suddenly she had an idea, her father had said the farmer woman had lived for several minutes after the operation he performed to remove the baby. Perhaps if she could get her father here, a skilled surgeon he could perform the same operation but this time cutting the wall away. That way instead of reviving the princess she could just concentrate on ensuring she didn’t lose too much blood and stayed alive.  

Coming around from her trance she smiled at falcon “ we need my father” 

 Falcon looked confused “ I thought we didn’t want him?”

 “ No time to explain, I need you to run up to the castle and get him, ill stay here with the princess”. Falcon shook his head not quite understanding, but heading off to the castle.  

About an hour later Falcon, Drysten, Henry and about a dozen of the royal guards arrived back at the Tavern.  Taking her father aside privately, Ballari carefully explained her plan.

Drysten despite getting used to seeing his grandchildren, move things with their minds and speak to him in his head wasn’t quite prepared for what Bellari suggested she could do.  

 However after a couple of small demonstrations of her gift using a dead fish from the larder, he decided these days anything was possible. Locking themselves tightly, into the bedroom, with the princess. The duo prepared to do the impossible. 

 With the princess suitably drugged  They set to work.  Drysten had never performed such an operation, generally such things did not require him to be to delicate, mostly with this sort of thing he just had to watch out for cutting into the baby he was trying to save, the state of the mother was of alittle consequence she was dead either way. However this time Drysten needed to take care each cut had to be made with precision so that Ballari’s job of keeping the woman alive would be easier. Ballari’s main job during the early stages was to keep the blood flow to a minimum, which she did with ease. 

 An hour later the defect was corrected and Kaitlyns stomach was restored to near perfect condition, they had removed the poor dead child so at least Kaitlyn would not have to endure the event of it leaving her body and the duo where suitably pleased with themselves. With all luck the princess would be able to carry future children.   

Cleaning up as best as they could so there where no signs of what had really occurred they prepared to explain to the king, how the princess had suffered a horrendous miscarriage, but was otherwise unscathed.

3 responses to “Two man Miracle

  1. Hoorah! she has done it and the Princess will have no idea that she ever had a defect. Good work Ballari

  2. Wow… Ballari really has an awesome gift. And now noone is any the wiser

  3. WOW!!! Bellaria has done it again!!! I LOVE HER!!! i’m so glad the princess will be okay!

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