Princess’s Life.

Hurriedly Bellari struggled to take off Kaitlyns Dress and corset, Falcon was little help with either, fumbling around too nervous to be of any real help. “ It’s a good job Im not a lady anymore “ Ballari joked, “ you’d never get my dress off and we’d die old and childless”.  

Falcon ignored her joke he was too concerned with what the king was going to say when he found out they’d lied to his guard and stripped the princess naked.


 Once they had the princess naked, Ballari looked towards Falcon who looked somewhat like he’d been shot in the bum with an arrow. “For goodness sake calm down, here’s something to take your it off it”

 Falcon peeled his eyes away from the naked princess looking towards his wife.  “I am pregnant, I was going to tell you tonight but it looks like you need something to keep your mind occupied”.  

 A wide smile spread across Falcons face taking a step forward he went to embrace his wife.


 “ Ahh ahhh … not now” she snapped “ Focus.. Right..  You stand near the window and hold this “ she said handing him the bed warmer.   Falcon looked confusedly at the object “ Erm.. “     Ballari shook her head  “Watch out the window and tell me if you see anyone approaching “ she explained.  

Falcon continued to looked at the bed warmer confused “And this? “ he said holding it up.

 Ballari shook her head as if it were obvious “ Watch her too” she said motioning towards the princess “ if she wakes up hit her with it.  

Falcon dropped the warmer it clattered loudly to the floor. “Where going to be hung” he muttered.


 Bellari shook her head “ Fine just tell me if she wakes up then” Ballari set to work touching her hand to the Kaitlyn’s stomach her let her vision sink into the woman’s womb, she could see the babe and what was left of the poor girls womb, she quickly set about stopping Kaitlyn’s bleeding.  

Since she’d found out about her gift she’d made and effort to learn as much about the human anatomy as possible, from her father and his books. She’d especially taken an interest in the reproductive system while she was pregnant with the twins, Stopping the bleeding was a simple matter, she’d practiced her gift as much as possible in the last few months and simply closing a wound was by now fairly routine.  

 The baby would still need to pass from the woman’s system she had no way of making it disappear but at least now she wasn’t going to die while it happened. It was going to be a hard day yet for the princess. 

Now that she had stopped the Princess dying she continued to take a look around the woman’s womb just to make sure she hadn’t missed anything.  Looking around she suddenly noticed something, reeling in shock she broke from her trance. Standing she began to cry, “My lord” she muttered.

 Falcon ran to her side “ What? What is it? “ 

 Bellari sobbed for the princess turning she looked at her husband “the poison didn’t kill the baby” 

 Holding his wife close “ Why what did?” falcon asked.  

Ballari pulled herself out of Falcons arms trying to compose herself. “ Im not sure, her womb it doesn’t look like the pictures from the books I read, the baby didn’t have room to grow.”  

“I don’t understand, what’s wrong with it?”  Ballari shook her head “ Im not sure. The only thing Im sure of is that that princess will never carry a baby to term” 

 “Can’t you fix it “ Falcon said hopefully.  

Ballari shook her head “ I don’t know. This isn’t a wound. Its just the way her body is.”  

3 responses to “Princess’s Life.

  1. Wow, I am glad the Princess in okay and what a challenge for Ballari. She really is gifted if she can help correct the Princesses defect and help her carry a baby term. What are they going to tell her shen she wakes up? Its going to take some explaining

  2. Oh no… what on earth are they going to. There defintely needs to be an heir to the throne. How is their marriage going to survive this?

  3. this is really wierd, but i like it :) also, maybe i like it because im called ballari!! xD

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