Drysten rode as hard as he could across the kingdom towards the royal manor, his loyalty’s torn he wanted to spend the time with his daughter but falcon was right if the princess died and King Henry learnt that he was the one who had given her the poison there would be trouble. 

Dismounting he ran up to the door knocking loudly, the door opened an Henry showed him in “ I see the messenger caught up with you?”  

 Drysten shook his head “ Messenger, no I haven’t seen one. I came on my own is the princess ok?”  

Henry nodded. “She is fine, Alistair however is not.”


 Taken back for a moment Drysten looked confused, “Alistair?” he asked.  

Yes he started throwing up, yesterday afternoon and has gotten progressively worse, we sent runners to your house and halfway across the kingdom looking for you.”

 “Sorry your highness, I was helping the farmers their son and mother died this evening” 

  “ I’m sorry to hear that, nothing related I hope?”  

“ I’m afraid it maybe “ Drysten mumbled.





 Henry showed Drysten up to Alistairs bedchamber, inside Alistair was sitting up in the bed, he looked terrible at his side was princess Kaitlyn.

Dryten rushed over examining the young prince. “ Did you drink any of that tea I gave Kaitlyn?” he asked. 

    Alistair nodded “ only a few mouthfuls”  

 Turning to Kaitlyn, Drysten looked at the young woman “ I take it he didn’t manage to get you to drink any?”  

   “I drank a cupful” she replied “but I threw up almost immediately” 

  “Good” Drysten replied “ your sickness has probably saved your life, the tea was poisoned.”    Henry looked concerned “ what’s going on Drysten ? Is Alistair going to be ok?”   Drysten stood “ He’ll be fine I have some one getting an antidote as we speak, Alistair’s a fit strong young man, and he’s drank less than the other unfortunate victims I’ve seen tonight including my own daughter, he’s conscious which is a good start the farmer boy and my daughter were both so far along they had slipped into unconsciousness when I reached them.


 Henry waited for Drysten to finish his examination of the young prince “Drysten, can I have a word with you? Henry called. 

“Drysten nodded, standing he turned to Kaitlyn “ get him to drink as much water as you can please “  

Kaitlyn started to protest, “ I’ve tried but he just throws it back up “  

Drysten nodded “ exactly and each time he throws up he brings more of the poison out with it, please do as I ask”





Kaitlyn nodded and headed back to the water jug, and Drysten headed to where the king was waiting looking stern, Henry began to speak “ would you like to explain to me how my son ended up poisoned, drinking tea you prescribed?” 

Drysten hung his head “ I wish I know your highness, I certainly didn’t mean to prescribe poison, perhaps there was a mix up at the apothecary’s, Im really not sure, I will endeavour to get to the bottom of it.”  Just then there was a knock at the door, Henry headed down the stairs to answer it, Drysten followed him to the top of the stairs. from his vantage point he could see the young man from the inn, rushing down the stairs he greeted him “ did you get it?” Tarik nodded passing Drysten a small envelope “ The poison was Wolfsbane, the apothecary said you would know what to do with this, ill need to take some back for Bellari so if you tell me what to do I’ll make sure she gets some”  

Drysten nodded taking the packet “ Come watch “ leading Tarik into the kitchen, Henry followed eagerly, Tarik watched as Drysten made the mixture up into a paste, “ just feed it to her on a spoon , you’ll need to do it in little amounts because she’s unconscious just make sure she swallows each mouthful”  





Tarik nodded taking some of the paste “ ill go straight away, thank you “ bowing to the king “ im sorry we did not get formally introduced “ he headed towards the door as he reached it he turned “ I’m not sure if now is the time to mention it, but the apothecary said the only person to have bought Wolfsbane recently was your daughter Risa” at that he left.   

Hearing this, and knowing of the trouble Risa had caused the young prince Henry did not hesitate “ Vasyl” he shouted.   A few moments later Risa’s husband appeared at the door, he’d accompanied Henry to the manor as part of the royal guard “ Your highness” he said with a bow.  

Henry shook with anger “ Vasyl take the guard, and go and arrest your wife”





“ Your highness?  “ Vasyl replied looking shocked “  My wife?”  

 “ Yes your wife” Henry said coldly “ Do you think you can do that or should I send someone else?” 

  “ No your highness I can do it, but may I ask on what charge” Vasyl asked looking confused.  

“ Treason, murder, attempted murder … pick one” Henry shouted “ now go!!!”





 “Yes your highness” bowing Vasyl backed out of the room the shocked expression still written on his face.  

 Drysten looking shocked and confused “Your highness are you sure that was wise, sending Vasyl to collect her?”  Henry nodded “ it’s a test, if he brings her to me I know he had no part of it, and if not they won’t get far, this is a peninsular after all backed with impassable mountains they can’t hide for long “ 

 Drysten tried desperately to comprehend the happenings as he treated the young prince; his daughter had done all this. He’d know for a long time Risa had a mean streak like her mother but never had he foreseen how deep it would go.

2 responses to “Treason

  1. Go Vasyl! I think he’ll do it… Risa never seemed kind to him either.

    That picture of Kaitlyn watching by a sick Alistair’s side was sweet. :-)

  2. I hope Vasyl isn’t so wrapped around her finger that he won’t bring her in.

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