Kaitlyn Fall’s

Bellari composed herself and returned to the lounge where the princess stood waiting, she decided she couldn’t tell her, how could she explain knowing that the baby was dead.


Kaitlyn smiled as she approached, suddenly she lurched her face screwing up “ what’s happening she gasped clutching her stomach”

Ballari ran forward trying to catch the young princess “ Falcon “ she screamed desperately trying to hold the young girl up.

A moment passed and Falcon ran into the room seeing the princess he moved to catch her, lifting her up into his arms.

“To the bed” Bellari ordered “quick”. Not needing to be told twice Falcon carried the unconscious young woman up the stairs,

“How could I be so stupid” she thought “I wasn’t being shown the dead baby, I was being shown the damage it had caused to the princess.” Just then Bellari could hear the royal princess’s guard running down the hall obviously having been alerted to her scream.

Bellari met him in the doorway. “What’s going on he asked is the princess ok?”

“She’s fine” she lied “ Can you go any get my father?”

“ What about the princess he asked?”

“ She needs my father, be quick, he’s down at the lake” she lied again. She might not be a noble any more, but she could still turn on the tone when she chose too. Quickly the young man ran off.

Bellari headed to the bedroom Falcon had laid the princess down on the bed, she was bleeding heavily thought her dress.

“ What’s happening to her?” he asked “ an why did you lie to the guard about the whereabouts of your father? You know he’s up at the castle discussing your sisters fate.”

“ I needed to buy us some time” she replied,



Falcon looked confused “ time for what “ 

“Help me, “ she said trying desperately to strip the princess’s dress off “ I need to get this thing off “

Falcon looked confused “ You can’t just go stripping the princess naked, it’s not proper “

Ballari looked frustrated “ Do you trust me?”

Falcon nodded “ But I don’t understand, surely she needs your father “

“ My father can’t help her, he wont get here in time, she’s lost the baby and now it’s taking her with it, she going bleed to death if we don’t stop it.

Falcon still confused “ how?” he asked.  

 “ Gah …” Ballari exclaimed, “ for goodness sake stop standing there, and help me get this corset off.

One response to “Kaitlyn Fall’s

  1. You update a lot, but still not quite fast enough! :-D I’m all caught up and now I want to know what happens. I’m certain Bellari is going to try to heal the Princess herself, but will she know how to do it unaided?

    …I also want to know what’s being said up at the castle, hmm??

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