Bellari’s Vision.

A few days had passed since the incident with the tea all the victims had been treated and Alistair. Bellari and Kaitlyn where all making a good recovery. Risa had been dragged into custody by her husband and things where settling back down so normal.


Alistair was still to sick to move, but Kaitlyn was feeling much better, she’d ingested so little of the poision it had barely effected her at all.  Kaitlyn decided to pay Bellari and the farmers a visit, she knew it wasn’t her fault but she couldn’t help but feel guilty the poison had been ment for her.

Jed was still distraught, he had a new baby but had lost his son and wife in the same day, Kaitlyn passed on her deepest condolences and left the family to morn,


She arrived at the tavern about midday, falcon let her in and she found Bellari in the lounge with the twins playing at her feet.

 The two girls sat and chatted a while, she apologised for the tea. Ballari accepted the apology with grace how different from her sister Bellari was Kaitlyn thought. 

Kaitlyn smiled watching the twins although she’d always had younger brothers and sisters she’d never really felt comfortable around children, and the prospect of having her own terrified her, Bellari seemed to notice Kaitlyn’s gaze upon the children “ I hear congratulations are in order “.

Kaitlyn smiled touching her hand to her stomach “ apparently so, I can’t help but admit Im more than a little nervous”

Bellari smiled “ you will be fine Im sure, I was hardly ready for this pair” she said laughing “ but motherhood comes naturally.”


Kaitlyn stood walking to the window, it was nice to have female company she’d not had a female friend since she was a child “ I’m not so sure, I was always terrible clumsy with my brothers and sisters growing up” a tear tricked down her cheek.

Ballari stood walking over to the princess, placing a hand on her own stomach “ well I think our babe’s should be born around the same time, so you wont be doing it alone” she reached up to wipe the tear from the princess’s face but as her fingers brushed the princess’s cheek.

Bellari reeled the cold of death hit her, she gasped. Realising her gift had just kicked in; the princess’s baby lay dead still in her womb.  Bellari tried to compose herself; she didn’t want to alert the princess.

“Are you ok?  “ Kaitlyn asked noticing Bellari’s sudden change.



Bellari smiled “Im fine” she managed to say weakly “ The baby’s causing me some problems, please excuse me I need to go to the bathroom”

As Bellari headed towards the door Kaitlyn chuckled “ I know that feeling” she laughed, “ your right Im not alone”

Bellari headed for the bathroom locking herself in, breathing heavily against the door. During her time unconscious from the poison, she’d become aware of her pregnancy. Although was not able to cure it within her own body using her healing gift. She had managed to protect her unborn child, the princess had not been so lucky, although she’d ingested only a small amount, but it had been enough to kill the babe.

5 responses to “Bellari’s Vision.

  1. Ahh how sad for the Princess, I wonder if Ballari will tell her or let her find out for herself

  2. Oh, poor girl… But she’s young, she’ll have others. And her pregnancy was still very new, hardly anyone knew.

    But I too wonder wether it would be wise to tell her, nobody likes the bearer of bad news…

  3. It’s wonderful that she was able to protect her own child, but otherwise what a difficult gift to bear… being able to see that Kaitlyn’s baby is dead. I’m glad Vasyl took care of Risa (go Vasyl!) but her crime now consists of killing a royal heir as well. I think Bellari should tell Kaitlyn, if only for that reason.

    Also, I’m glad for Bellari and Falcon… a nice, normal baby of their own! :-D

  4. Oh that’s so terrible… poor Kaitlyn… even though she is nervous I think she would have really wanted the baby when it came.

    Very well written by the way… it really made me shiver when Ballari touched kaitlyn.

  5. Oh noes….

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