Poison Revealed.

Grabbing is coat he headed out he headed to the stables.  Reaching the boundaries of the estate, he called out daring the forest to stop him “ I am leaving this place, and Stop me if you can. “


The forest tried in vain to stop him clutching at him as he rode trying to knock him from his horse but Tarik was determined sword in hand he swung at any thing that dared to get in his way.

A short while later he arrived at the tavern knocking on the door.  Falcon answered stunned “ Tarik .. erm.. how?” 

“ No time to explain, where is Drysten? “ he said pushing past Falcon into the tavern.

“Upstairs with Bellari, ill show you the way “ Falcon answered leading him towards the stairs.

Tarik barged into the room almost knocking the doctor from his feet. “ What the,,, who are you? “ the doctor asked recovering himself

“ No time to explain” Tarik replied “she’d been poisoned, we need to neutralise it” 

“Poisoned how?” Drysten exclaimed.


“ I don’t know” he answered simply, turning to Falcon “ had she had anything unusual to eat, anything bought in?”

Falcon shook his head “ We catch all out own fish and grow our own vegetables I have no clue.

Suddenly Drysten put two and two together “ the tea!!  “ he exclaimed … “ I’ve just come from the farmers, their son … I gave him some of the tea too, he died a few hours ago” Almost not able to comprehend the facts before him Drysten fought with his inner demons he had given the tea to his daughter “Oh my …”it suddenly struck him”… I gave the tea to princess Kaitlyn too”

Taking control of the situation Falcon turned to Tarik “ do you know where the apothecary’s shop is in the village? “ Tarik nodded “ Go to the kitchen there’s some of the herbs left in the bowl next to the stove take them to the apothecary and see if he can identify them, perhaps he will know of something to neutralise it “

Tarik nodded and raced out of the door jumping back onto his horse. Falcon then turned to Drysten you need to go to the manor check on the princess, ill wait here for Tarik to return with an antidote”. Drysten started to protest looking down at the bed towards his daughter.


Falcon pulled him to his feet “ GO … I’ll take care of her, if the princess dies there will be hell to pay, the king will have your head if they work out those herbs came from you.” Drysten coming around nodded his head and raced out towards the royal manor

One response to “Poison Revealed.

  1. That evil woman. Does she even know how much trouble she’s caused??

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